These YouTubers Applying 100 Layers of Makeup Will Make You Cringe

by admin

These YouTubers Applying 100 Layers of Makeup Will Make You Cringe

Everyone wants a foundation with full coverage, but not if it takes 100 layers of application to get there.

First thought: WTF? Second thought: 100 layers can't possibly be good for your skin. Third thought: WTF?!

These YouTube videos of beauty vloggers applying 100 layers of *insert product here* are making our stomachs turn. As cringey as these videos are, we have to admit it's hard to look away. See the hot mess express that is "100 layers challenge" for yourself:

Beauty vlogger Jeely has quickly become an Internet sensation for a video she posted of herself applying 100—that's right, one-hundred!—layers of foundation to her face. Using her L'Oreal foundation and a beautyblender, Jeely (AKA Josefin) went to town for about 3 hours, and the end result is just as terrifying as you'd expect. Where in the world did she get an idea like that? Well, she isn't the first to try caking her face. She was inspired by YouTuber Thomas Sekelius, who tackled the challenge about a month ago.

And it doesn't stop at just foundation. There are videos of vloggers applying 100 layers of nail polish, lipstick, and mascara. Back in June, YouTuber Simply Nailogical inspired thousands with what she referred to as #POLISHMOUNTAIN, or 100+ layers of nail polish. We're hoping she has some killer polish remover.

Christine from Simply Nailogical motivated YouTuber Nicole Skyes to find out exactly how many coats are in one tube of mascara (spoiler: it's 120). Nicole described the feeling as "dreads on [her] eyes" and needed multiple makeup wipes to undo the damage. RIP lashes.

A few days later, beauty vlogger Mayra posted a video of a new challenge: 100 coats of liquid lipstick. After watching the video, we felt the urgent need to put on chapstick. You will, too.

Just when we thought it couldn't get any crazier, enter Jenna Marbles. Everyone knows that Jenna is down for some strange things, but we never expected this. After watching other vloggers try the 100 layers makeup trend, the YouTube celeb said, "I wanna do this. But I wanna do it hard as f*ck." And by "hard as f*ck," she means 100 coats of foundation, lipstick, glitter nail polish, self tanner, hairspray, and—wait for it—fake eyelashes. And it's just as entertaining as it is cringe-worthy.

If we've learned anything from this, it's that we should stick to one layer of makeup and leave the experimenting to our YouTube friends. Also, a HUGE shoutout to makeup remover is in order. We don't know where we'd be without you.