Too Faced Hangover Spray Is Real. And No, We’re Not Trolling

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Too Faced Hangover Spray Is Real. And No, We’re Not Trolling

Say goodbye to sullen hangover makeup mishaps for good. Too Faced is releasing a hangover setting spray guaranteed to refresh and revive your face, no matter what shenanigans occurred the night before.

Nothing is worse than waking up the morning after a wild night out and witnessing your makeup migrate from your face to… basically everywhere else. We're not even going to mention the killer hangover you're entitled to after a few mixed drinks too many.

But fear not beauty babes, because Too Faced Cosmetics is about to release a magical hangover product guaranteed to save your face from drunken makeup mishaps of every shape and size. This new product claims to prime, set, and refresh your skin after nights on the town take their toll. The spray contains coconut water, probiotic-based ingredients, and skin revivers (whatever those might be), and we're pretty ready to put this product to the test.

Too Faced CEO Jerrod Blandino announced the spray's debut just days ago:


#sneakypeek oh yeah, it's HAPPENING!!! #HangoverSettingSpray

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We really can't get any more excited over here. Although so many beauty hacks exist to help erase a long night's skin-condemning acts, this single spray could entirely change the game. Too Faced already has one hangover helper on the market in the form of a primer.

While this miracle skin saver probably won't cure your real hangover (only time can do that, honey), in the battle against under eye circles and dull-looking skin, we'll take whatever we can get when our glasses get too full and forget to wipe our makeup off at the end of a crazy night.