Top Five Fall Makeup Trends

by admin

Top Five Fall Makeup Trends

It’s October so if you aren’t feeling fall yet, girl, you’d better start! I’ve broken down what I think are the top five most gorgeous and wearable makeup trends for fall. I’m also recommending products to make them happen for you. So start experimenting!

Matte Finishes
Matte shadows, blushes, foundations, and lips look velvety, soft and cozy for fall. I am especially partial to matte eye shadows. Matte shadows look beautiful on all ages and photograph well, too. A matte lip always looks more fall-appropriate. Pro tip: Pat a translucent setting powder over your regular lipstick to create a mattified finish. 

Orange Shadow
This trend is totes intimidating but there are ways to wear it without looking like a demon child. I absolutely love a burnt orange shadow applied only in the crease or a very sheer wash all over the lid. If you have green or blue eyes, it can be especially impactful! 

Strong Contours
Have you always been curious about contouring? Now is the time to start doing it. Contouring the face with a matte bronzer and using a champagne highlighting powder to pop out your cheekbones will add dimension to your bone structure. This will make all the rest of your makeup look even more gorgeous. 

Deep, Dark Lips
Go ahead, try it. I promise you won’t look like you work at Hot Topic. The deep berry, wine, and plum lip trend is so strong this season and it adds something sexy and special to any look.

Dramatic Eyeliner
More dramatic, punk-like liner shapes are emerging for fall and I think it’s the easiest way to look super cool. I love an angular cat eye or a super graphic ‘60s eye.

Have fun playing with these hot fall makeup trends!

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