12 Delicious Ways to be a Sweet Treat for Valentine’s Day

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12 Delicious Ways to be a Sweet Treat for Valentine’s Day
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Coffee, tea, or me? A big night out with a hot date can inspire all of us to be just a bit more kissable, touchable, and lickable. Whether for Valentine’s Day or on any other day you want to infuse with romance, these products will work like magic to turn you into a tasty treat that your lover will lust for.


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Urban Decay Sparkling Lickable Body Powder


These seductive shimmer powders leave a delectable and long-lasting glow. Whether your skin is cocoa-, honey-, or marshmallow-colored, there’s one for you.

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Sara Happ The Lip Scrub in Red Velvet


This tantalizingly tasty, limited edition exfoliating scrub leaves lips soft and supple, helping lipstick last longer. The delicious scent of red velvet cake, however, may make lipstick disappear more quickly, if you catch our drift.

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philosophy sweet on you


Say “Be Mine” or “Kiss Me” without uttering a word. This luxurious combo shampoo-shower gel–bubble bath is fragranced with the sweet scent of candy conversation hearts. We’re “In Love.”

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Dr. Hauschka Rose Body Wash


With this subtle and vintage-inspired body wash, keep the scent of roses alive long after the flowers themselves have faded.

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Demeter Chocolate Chip Cookie Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray


Who can resist the aroma of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie? With this cologne spray from Demeter, you’ll smell mouthwatering.

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Cover FX Mint Glaze


Use this clear balm to help lipstick stay in place. The glaze contains peppermint to freshen your breath and create a minty tingle.

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Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish


This scrub is packed with moisturizing oils and natural exfoliating particles to ensure your skin is silky and soft.

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Lush Kiss Me Klimt Bath Bomb


Drop this fragrant ball into your tub for a luxurious experience for all the senses. The seductive scent of roses and ylang ylang, along with a shimmery golden glow, gets you ready for kisses—and more.

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Maybelline Shine Sensational Lip Gloss in Crazy Caramel


Lips that taste like caramel candy may entice your sweetheart, but they’re liable to be irresistible to you, too! Don’t forget to keep the tube handy for reapplication.

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J.R. Watkins Lemon Cream Hand & Body Lotion


Some people are more enticed by tartness than sweetness. This rich and emollient moisturizer smells—we swear—exactly like Lemon Chalet Creme Girl Scout cookies.

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The Body Shop Strawberry Puree Body Lotion


This lightweight gel moisturizer contains strawberry oil and pulp, as well as antioxidants and fruit acids to hydrate and nourish skin while making it smell fantastically fresh.

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Bodycology Vanilla Cupcake Body Mist


Why wait till the end of the meal to have dessert? With Bodycology’s lightly fragranced body mist, you can smell like the best course all night long.