A New Black-Owned Beauty Brand Just Launched at Ulta, and It’s Game-Changing

by Daniela Galvez

A New Black-Owned Beauty Brand Just Launched at Ulta, and It’s Game-Changing
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UOMA Beauty is revolutionizing foundation by creating six different formulas to treat skin concerns that are associated with each skin group.


When it comes to cosmetics, Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty set a new standard for inclusivity, pushing mainstream beauty brands to offer a broader range of shades to suit every skin tone. Take the PUR Cosmetics 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation & Concealer: Earlier this month, the cult-fave brand created the color-inclusive foundation with 100 different shades in three undertones — the most color variations of any cosmetic brand thus far.


Now, following the singer’s footsteps is a new black-owned beauty brand, UOMA Beauty. UOMA, which means beautiful in Igbo (the native language of southeastern Nigeria), is the first Afropolitan brand to celebrate the diverse spectrum of beauty in the black community.


“Afropolitan is like this merge, this celebration of everything that’s ‘Afro’ all the way from the bottom of Africa to America to Haiti to Jamaica to Cuba to even the UK,” founder Sharon Chuter tells Bustle, adding, “UOMA’s place is where you’ll find a lot of ‘Afro’ origins.”



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For UOMA Beauty, foundation goes beyond shade variation and undertones. Available in 51 different shades, the UOMA Beauty Say What?! Foundation is divided into six different skin color groups that treat various skin concerns. While complexion products are normally formulated with one specific formula for all, the beauty brand has different ingredients for each group to treat their specific needs. For the deeper shades ingredients help with hyperpigmentation, while the lighter shades have ingredients that reduce redness and hypersensitivity.


While UOMA isn’t the first brand to offer a wider range of hues, the ex-LVMH executive admits her brand, among many others, would not exist today if it weren’t Fenty Beauty being at the forefront of the push for inclusion in the beauty community. “If Fenty didn’t exist, brands like mine wouldn’t,” Chuter tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Even after [Fenty’s launch] I was disheartened because companies were trying, but they weren’t really putting in the effort. I decided that I’m going to be the rebel and speak my truth. I’m here to say beauty is your birthright. Makeup is just fun, you were born beautiful. I’m here to take the power away from brands, including myself, and give it back to the people because that’s where it belongs.”


UOMA Beauty is not only stirring conversation on diversity, it is also rooted in recognizing and spotlighting amazing women in the black community. Paying tribute to black excellence, the UOMA Beauty Badass Icon Matte Lipsticks are named after women that have had a significant influence in different aspects of life, including Whitney Houston, Maya Angelou, and Aretha Franklin.


If you’re interested in supporting a black-owned beauty brand that is championing diversity in the beauty community, check out UOMA Beauty. The entire collection, which ranges from $22 to $44, is now available at Ulta.com. Scroll through to see all the products that are available for snag at the beauty retailer.


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