This Video Exposes the Best Concealer Hacks Ever

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This Video Exposes the Best Concealer Hacks Ever

Concealer can do much more than just cover up unsightly blemishes. Beauty vlogger Jackie Aina shared her amazing tips in this new video.

Ah, concealer. This magic little makeup wonder can truly save your face in dire situations, like when a zit creeps up on you in the middle of the night, or when your under eyes are looking especially purple. But we really don't give this beauty powerhouse enough credit; there's quite a bit more it can do.

YouTube beauty blogger Jackie Aina released her video of her most useful concealer hacks, and we've got to say—why didn't we think of these before?

The Hacks Explained

1. Customizable Eye Brightener
Not loving your eye cream lately? There's a hack for that. Take a peach-toned corrector and under eye cream and mix them together for your very own eye brightener. Be sure your corrector complements your skin tone, or you could end up with not-so-hot discoloration problem.

2. Freeze That Eye Cream
Pro tip: put your favorite under eye cream in your fridge to ensure maximum de-puffing and de-swelling. Talk about giving your eyes some TLC!

3. Double Time
Aina recommends investing in two different concealer shades: one to match your skin tone, and one to highlight. The highlighting shade should only be one shade lighter than your natural skin tone, and you can even use the skin tone concealer as foundation!

4. Stay Where You Are
Depending on your concealing preferences, you can either sport sheer or heavy coverage. If you wait for your makeup to dry a little and then blend as needed, you'll get thicker coverage as opposed to immediate blending upon application. This technique will also keep your coverage in place.

5. Push It Up
If you blend your makeup with a beauty blender, be sure to blend upwards and not away from your under eye. That just defeats the purpose of concealing!

6. A Little Goes a Long Way
Be sure to apply liquid foundation before concealer, because you might not even need extra coverage.

7. Contouring 101
Did you know concealer is basically ideal for slimming or lengthening your face shape? Apply your makeup one of two ways to achieve the look you want, depending if you want to widen or narrow your face.

8. Color Correct?
Aina says you should refrain from color correcting products UNLESS your makeup cannot complete the job. Keep in mind your specific problem areas, as well as your skin tone.

9. Oil Takes the Cake
If your makeup is a little on the thick side, grab some beauty oil and dab away for a more natural finish.

10. Drag Queen Secrets
Ever heard of baking? This tip is straight from the drag queen runway! While you wait for your makeup to dry, take your blow dryer (and put it on LOW) to set your look. Use this technique sparingly, or when you really need a little boost.

11. Powder Removes Powder
Repeat after us: powder removes powder! If you get some undesirable flecks or dust on your recently-covered skin, don't fret–grab your face powder and a fluffy brush to dab it all away.

12. Mascara Hack
Always look towards the ceiling when you're applying mascara to your lower lashes. This prevents smudging, smearing and unwanted mascara boogers.

Aren't you so glad we didn't hide these concealing hacks from you? We're always more than happy to share!