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DIY Wedding Makeup

No one knows your face better than you, right? So who better to do your wedding makeup? If you’re up for the challenge—and for learning a few new tricks—I’m going to show you how to complete your full face for the beginning of the rest of your life.

Also, think of this as my fantasy wedding makeup. I got married more than four years ago to the best guy I know. I did my own makeup, but looking back, though it wasn’t offensive, it simply wasn’t enough. Here is what I would have done if I could get a makeup do-over!


When doing your own bridal makeup remember these tips:

  • Using a foundation without SPF will prevent the unpleasant flashback effect in photos.
  • It’s best to keep the eyes mostly matte with carefully placed shimmer. Shimmery shadow can appear very frosty and unnatural in photos.
  • Even if you do not normally define your brows, you will want to do so. Use a powder if pencil seems too harsh. The ends of brows can disappear in flash photography. Plus, it will frame your whole face and give you a more youthful appearance.
  • Subtle highlighting and contouring will pay off in your photos.
  • Use a bit more blush than you think. Flash photography can wash you out.
  • Avoid overly glossed lips as it will require a great deal of maintenance throughout the day.
  • Use a setting spray to seal in your look, especially if it will be hot and humid.

Watch my video below to achieve this look!

Here's a rundown of the step-by-step directions from the video:

  1. Prime your eyelids with an eyeshadow primer, then prime the rest of your face with a foundation primer. Conceal any undereye circles with a cream concealer.
  2. Apply a photo-ready foundation with an airbrush foundation brush. Set your foundation with a translucent setting powder.
  3. Contour your cheekbones and jaw line using a bronzer and an angled brush. Add color to your cheeks with powder blush, then add highlights to the tops of your cheekbones and cupid’s bow using a second shade of blush.
  4. Fill in your brows using a brow pencil.
  5. Define the crease of your lid with a light warm brown matte shadow, then apply a rosy brown tone to lid. Apply a darker brown to the outer third of the eye, making a "V" shape. Use a blending brush to diffuse the color.  I used the In The Know palette from Stila.
  6. Apply a dark brown waterproof pencil liner to the top lashline.
  7. Highlight the brow bone and inner corner of the eye with a light shadow, then highlight the inner corner more with a very light shimmery eyeshadow.
  8. Apply mascara, then add false eyelash strips to make your eyes really pop!
  9. Line the entire mouth with a nude lip liner, then apply a creamy, pinky nude lip color like Buxom Full Bodied Lipstick in Two Timer. Dab a bit of gloss in the center of mouth to finish.

Find more makeup inspiration from Ivy at Wakeup for Makeup!


Ivy Boyd

I have a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, but it's creating works of art on faces that I love most. By day, I am a Senior Education Consultant for Sephora as well as a freelance makeup artist. The rest of the time, I'm creating content for my makeup and beauty blog, Wake Up for Makeup, reading product reviews, watching tutorial videos and reading makeup artist books. I live and breathe this stuff and if you could eat makeup, I'd probably do that too. I also love painting abstracts, running, attending music festivals and acting weird with my husband and our two awesome cats. I'm here to tell you what products are legit, how to better use the ones you have, give you ideas to shake up your routine and guide you through some fun tutorials I know you can dominate.

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