What’s In Our Cart: Everything We Want From Beauty Bakerie

by More.com Editors

What’s In Our Cart: Everything We Want From Beauty Bakerie
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Do you have a sweet-tooth for makeup? If you haven’t heard of the indie makeup brand Beauty Bakerie it’s time to update your beauty kitchen. We simply can’t get enough of the absolutely darling brand—from its top-quality products right down to its precious packaging. See what our editors have in their fresh-out-of-the-oven online shopping carts from lip whips to eyelash icing and everything in between.


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Eyelash Icing Waterproof Mascara


What Reviewers Are Saying:
Beauty Bakerie is launching a brand-new waterproof mascara on October 27, and I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early release of the product. *Cue the triumphant hair flip.* The packaging alone is enough to have you totally smitten, and if that wasn’t eye-catching enough—the mascara is appropriately titled Eyelash Icing because everyone knows the best part of the cake is the icing. But aesthetics aside, this waterproof mascara is the real deal. The ultra-creamy formula is long-lasting and really gives your lashes a luscious dimension without any clumping. The lightweight formula glides on silky smooth, leaving your lashes looking dramatic but feeling radiant. And the true cherry on top to this too-good-to-be-true cake? The mascara is 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about looking good. —Alexis Puebla, Editor

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Sangria Splash Matte Lip Whip


What Reviewers Are Saying:
Finally, a lip color named after my favorite drink! Hopefully this means wine-stained lips are totally en vogue. But seriously, I’m all about a bold violet lip—it’s my go-to shade—and this one by Beauty Bakerie looks like perfection. Plus, you cannot go wrong with a matte lip in fall and winter. Of course, as a USA women’s gymnastics superfan since, um, birth, it’s just icing on the cake (Beauty Bakerie pun intended) for me that this lip whip is part of a collaboration with gold-medalist and overall queen Gabby Douglas. —Caitlin White, Senior Editor

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Neapolitan Eyescream Eyeshadow Palette


What Reviewers Are Saying:
First of all, with packaging so cute, I couldn’t pass up this palette. A combo of matte and shimmery shadows would make this Beauty Bakerie palette a go-to when I’m on the move in the morning. The warm-toned neutrals are perfect for year-round wear, while the reddish-orange and deep magenta are a fun pop of color for my standard makeup routine, especially for fall. —Taylor Borde, Editor

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Flour Setting Powder


What Reviewers Are Saying:
Are you kidding me with this packaging, Beauty Bakerie?! Just when I thought you couldn’t get any cuter, you go and put your amazing translucent setting powder in the shape of a bag of flour, and I suddenly want to throw all my current powders in the trash. The colorless formula of this powder leaves your face glowing by honing in on its own radiance while it forces the oily tendencies to be a thing of the past. The powder also has an HD feature that smoothes and softens your complexion, leaving a matte finish that is begging for your foundation to spread atop it. Get ready to cake it on, girl because this stuff is fresh out of the oven and it is hot! —Alexis Puebla, Editor

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Sugar Lip Scrub


What Reviewers Are Saying:
Ugh, I can’t get through the colder months without flaky, icky lips, so lip scrubs are my purse addition godsend. I’m always looking for a new one, and I’m loving the sweet, simple packaging on Beauty Bakerie’s Sugar Lip Scrub. I’m going to need this one to apply at bedtime so I can wake up ready to rock my bold matte lips! —Caitlin White, Senior Editor

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Lip Whip Remover


What Reviewers Are Saying:
I couldn’t survive without my long-lasting lipsticks, but I could do without the endless scrubbing it takes to get it off. Long gone are the days and nights of stained and smeared lips with Beauty Bakeries’ Lip Whip Remover. These oil-based wipes, packed with moisturizing Jojoba, remove my beloved smudge-free lipsticks and stains with just a few swipes, leaving my lips completely clean and oh-so hydrated. —Taylor Borde, Editor

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Wake & Bake Hydrating Face Oil


What Reviewers Are Saying:
If you’re looking for a morning glow that rivals that of the glistening baking oil you’d throw into a pan of brownies—yes, I’m using a pan of brownies as a metaphor for my makeup, so what!—then look no further, because this hydrating face oil is a dream. The Wake & Bake Face Oil is suitable for all skin types and will absorb the oil on your skin while leaving you with a fresh-faced glow first thing in the AM. The multitasking formula can repair dry or damaged skin, reduce the sight of fine lines, and add a sweetness to your face that only this baking oil—er, I mean hydrating face oil could do. Use this morning miracle in a bottle for your face, hands, nails, and lips for an obsession-worthy radiance that will stay with you all day long. —Alexis Puebla, Editor

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Belgian Biscotti GELato Gel Eyeliner


What Reviewers Are Saying:
So I’ve been casually—okay, fine, completely obsessively—searching for a plum-colored eyeliner that will make my green eyes pop, and Beauty Bakerie’s Belgian Biscotti GELato Eyeliner is basically the one I’ve been seeing in my dreams. A gel formula gives it a velvety, long-lasting line and the color is raspberry tiramisu perfection. I think my favorite angled brush has found its new partner in crime. —Caitlin White, Senior Editor