Who is Your Celebrity Skin Twin?

by Lauren Turner

Who is Your Celebrity Skin Twin?

Have you ever wished that you had a twin? It turns out every girl does—a celebrity skin twin! Find out who she is and what you can learn from her beauty secrets.

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If your complexion is more ghostly than golden, your celebrity skin twin is one of these lovely ladies. There are a few things that don’t go well with milky skin—pastel colors and too much bronzer. Stick with sandy pinks, soft apricots, and rosy pinks when choosing blushes and lipsticks. Use blush sparingly, and be sure to blend it well. Detailed cat eyes and a bold lip are staples in your makeup arsenal. Remember: Don’t try to be something you’re not. Accept your snow white complexion. Don’t try to darken it.


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If your complexion is light, but you’re more likely to tan than burn, your celebrity skin twin is fair. The fair face loves to play with color: Go bold with brighter colors, depending on your eye color. If you have lighter eyes, reach for blues and greens. Rich purples, browns, and grays do wonders for darker eyes. And the same goes for your eyeliner; dark is good. Like your porcelain sisters, blush is a great way to bring a little light to your complexion. But that doesn’t mean you should go overboard. A light dusting is all you need to get Blake Lively’s unmistakable glow. If you’re a fan of bronzer, apply in moderation to cheekbones, nose, corners of your forehead, and your chin.



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Warm complexions with a little yellow undertone are twins with these olive beauties. One of the best parts about having this coloring is that you don’t need a lot of makeup. For blush, look for corals, pale pinks, and golden bronzes to give your face an easy pick me up. The same goes for lipsticks: You want to find lighter colors for everyday wear that complement your natural coloring. The olive twin needs highlighting. Eye shadows, including those in earthy, shimmery tones will bring out your eyes and make them pop. Or try an iridescent highlighting powder to brighten your favorite spots—in the corner of your eyes, under your eyebrows, on your cheekbones, and just a swirl on your temples.


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Move a shade darker and you’re in good company with these medium-toned girls. Identify your undertones (yellow, gold, and brown are common), then find a foundation that matches your darkest shade. Instead of choosing high-pigmented bronzers, go for subtle, gold-flecked shimmer powder. Because your skin is already bright, you don’t want anything to outshine your beauty. Peach and coral are great colors to bring out your natural glow, so use them for lips, cheeks, and lids. When it comes to color, consider deep purples, golden browns, and shimmery pinks. Bronzer isn’t required, but a swipe on your cheeks, jawline, and the sides of your face creates a golden glow.



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Dark skin twins can fall victim to shine or oil. Reduce unwanted shine with a liquid foundation (diluted with a bit of water) and a dusting of powder to set. When choosing lip or cheek colors, consider bronze, deep orange, dark coral, wine, and dark peach to complement your shade. For the eye, try out metallic copper, green, purple, and burgundy for everyday wear. To switch it up, use a bright liquid eyeliner to your beauty routine. When the dark-skinned girl gets stuck in a rut, find inspiration with Lupita Nyong’o from the award-winning film Twelve Years a Slave. Her use of color is killer.