This Wine Bottle-Shaped Lipstick Is The Cutest Gift You Can Buy Right Now

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This Wine Bottle-Shaped Lipstick Is The Cutest Gift You Can Buy Right Now

Korean makeup company Cheateau Labiotte has created a line of wine-shaped products that are so cute and good for your skin!

Still struggling to find the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season? Look no further. Korean makeup company Chateau Labiotte has created the cutest products (including lipstick!) that are good for your skin, have a minimal impact on the environment, and best of all, are made in the shape of wine bottles. And honestly, what could be jollier than that?

(How cute are those?!)

The lip balms, at $7.65 each, are meant to mimic the wine-stained look you get after having a glass of your favorite merlot (without the burgundy-tinted teeth), and they come in three shades: White Wine (a deep maroon), Rose Wine (a pink, coral shade), and Red Wine (true to its respective color).

The Wine Melting Lipstick (yes, you read that correctly), comes in eight berry-scented shades with names like "Cabernet Red" and "Malbec Burgundy." Pick a few up at $14.40 apiece!

And because one couldn't forget your most alluring feature, the Wine Angle Mascara comes with the option of Volume Fixer or Lash Fixer (lengthening) and has real grape wine extract added to its formula! Each of these can be bought at $10.80 per tube.

If you're still not impressed with these adorable cosmetics (which we'd be seriously confused if you aren't), here's Drew Barrymore checking these adorable products out for herself!

At the end of the day, you'll obviously need to take all of this fabulous makeup off, and the company, once again, has you covered (or uncovered, in this case) for that with Wine Sherbet Cleanser!

Buy the entire set for $72 or the individual pieces at Memebox. You'll have everyone looking ready for this year's (wine)ter wonderland!