You Don’t Have To Be A Witch To Buy These Harry Potter Makeup Palettes

by Bethany Lozier

You Don’t Have To Be A Witch To Buy These Harry Potter Makeup Palettes

Harry Potter makeup is charming millions across the globe, and AWhimsicalWillow’s Etsy shop is creating eye shadow palettes and highlight and contour kits worthy of 1,000 house points.


Ever since fictional Harry Potter Hogwarts eye shadow palettes sent the Internet into a spellbound frenzy, we’ve all been patiently waiting for real palettes to apparate to our Muggle world.


We thought our prayers were answered when we discovered Shiro Cosmetic‘s line of HP-themed makeup and when Storybook Cosmetics created magic wand makeup brushes. Fortunately for us Potterheads, we’re on the receiving end of some more beautiful, magical gifts from our fellow Muggles.


Etsy shop owner AWhimsicalWillow recently unveiled her original Hogwarts-themed highlight and contour palette. The vegan and cruelty-free palette features three highlighting shades (Unicorn Hair, Hedwig, Butterbeer Foam) and three contouring colors (Dragon Scales, Pigwigeon, Firewhiskey) straight out of the HP universe.


Take a look at these dazzling powders for yourself:


Harry Potter Hogwarts Highlight/Contour Palette


Harry Potter Highlighters


Yep, you better start gathering your Galleons, Sickes, and Knuts and head to your nearest bank to make sure your real dollars secure you one of these charming palettes. The first batch of preorders is already sold out, but Rebecca Reto of AWhimsicalWillow says she is “getting more supplies” and is “so grateful” for the immensely positive responses she’s gotten from palette-crazed Potterheads.


In addition to her gorgeous highlighters and contouring shades, Reto has also crafted some captivating Hogwarts House-themed eye shadow palettes worthy of every single House point ever.


From Ravenclaw to Slytherin, you’ll want each and every palette no matter where your true allegiance lies:


Gryffindor Eyeshadow Palettes


Hufflepuff Eye Shadow Palette


Ravenclaw Eye Shadow Palette


Slytherin Eye Shadow Palette


Feeling completely overwhelmed yet? Unfortunately, all the eye shadow palettes are currently back ordered, but you may want to stalk Reto’s Etsy page in the coming weeks when she releases another batch.


We’re pretty convinced the Harry Potter fandom is among the luckiest around, even without a drop of Felix Felicis. Accio these makeup palettes, pronto!