You Need To See This Makeup Artist’s Eyeshadow Inspired By Famous Paintings

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You Need To See This Makeup Artist’s Eyeshadow Inspired By Famous Paintings

Makeup artist Stefani Atupe is using her self-taught skills to recreate some of the world's most famous paintings on a totally different canvas.

Self-taught makeup artist Stefani Atupe (@stefaniabeauty) is proving that makeup is truly an art in a way that we've never seen before.

The 16-year-old has recently been using her skills with a brush to recreate some of the most notable paintings in the world on a different canvas — her eyelids. Some of her insanely cool interpretations include Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night as well as his Almond Blossom painting and Hokusai's The Wave.

"I have always enjoyed art, and I find it super fascinating," Atupe told MORE. "But the actual inspiration came from a peacock look I did when someone noticed that it looked like it was in the style of Van Gogh! This gave me inspiration to do starry night, which is one of my favorite paintings!"

While these incredible eyelids take some serious time and patience to create (albeit probably not as much time as the original paintings!), the success and attention that they have garnered from social media have inspired Atupe to continue to recreate other notable paintings and artists as well.

"I get quite a few suggestions, such as to do the Mona Lisa, but that would probably be impossible to recreate on an eyelid," she told MORE. "Who knows? Maybe one day I'll try it!"

While she is not sponsored by NYX, she swears by the makeup company's bright liners to help create the intricate lids. ("They're just so super easy and affordable!")

Atupe has always been a huge fan of YouTube beauty bloggers, and she became inspired to get involved in makeup as she watched other beauty gurus take off on social media.

"At first I just practiced in my bedroom," Atupe told MORE. "Looking back at the makeup, it was honestly terrible, but you have got to start somewhere!"

This same patience and consistent practice are what got her insanely cool work noticed, and she encourages other makeup enthusiasts and beauty lovers to stick with it.

"You really have to have patience to build up your work, as well as patience while practicing," she told MORE. No one is going to be the Picasso of makeup unless they've been practicing for a long time! Everyone starts somewhere!"