You Need These Powder Lipsticks Named After Your Favorite Kickass Ladies

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You Need These Powder Lipsticks Named After Your Favorite Kickass Ladies

Powder lipstick is about to be life-changing. And the names Touch in Sol has chosen for the shades are just as perfect.

Katniss, Hermoine, Arya, Tris — all names of some of our favorite fictional leading ladies and now, quite fittingly, names of various shades of one of Touch In Sol's latest (and we think greatest) beauty products: powder lipstick.

Before we get into the beautiful magic that is power-based lip tint, let's talk about these epic shade names. Touch in Sol took the most badass fictional ladies from books, movies, and TV and spilled their essence into some pretty rad colors for fall and beyond.

  • Katniss is a nude pink because this girl doesn't need to overdo the makeup when she's legit fighting for her life in the Hunger Games.
  • Hermione, named after the kickass Granger from Harry Potter, is a perfect soft coral.
  • LeeLoo, the namesake from The Fifth Element, is an orange, which is perfect because it matches her hair.
  • Morticia is a magenta, probably to offset all her Addams Family black.
  • Arya is a violet because this Game of Thrones girl does not conform to your beauty standards and is totally fierce
  • Triss (we'll forgive the misspelling) is a burgundy, just in case she gets in any more fights like she did in Divergent.

And these killer shades named after killer ladies are just the start.

While L'Oreal Paris is credited with creating the first powder lipstick ever in 2015, this year and into 2017 is definitely going to be when it catches on more fully, if we can tell just by how quickly we need to have every shade in our makeup bag circa yesterday.

In a tube that resembles lip gloss and a just-out-of-the-tube consistency that is more similar to a loose eyeshadow, this new lip product melts into a liquid the moment it touches your skin. The powder-turned-liquid can even be used as a blush, and as if that's not cool enough, here are three words that are every makeup artist's dream: It. Doesn't. Smudge.

Kiss a mirror (or your honey), drink some wine and be fearlessly merry, because that matte lip color is going nowhere.

Touch In Sol Chroma

Fans of this arguably-revolutionary-and-slightly-magical product (include us in that list!) wear it alone, as a base for a more traditional lipstick or even use its versatility to create a trendy, ombré look.

Regardless of who we get it from and everything else we love about powder lipstick, how extra-perfect is it that they named these bold (and dare we say, life-altering) lip hues after a group of female characters who encompass a similar description?