You’ll Love This Makeup Artist’s Recreation Of The ‘Sailor Moon’ Characters

by admin

You’ll Love This Makeup Artist’s Recreation Of The ‘Sailor Moon’ Characters

Beauty blogger and makeup artist Regina (@picturresque) has created her own versions of the beloved '90s Sailor Moon series, and they're stunning. In the name of the moon… we adore these.


Sailor Jupiter



This Sailor Jupiter-inspired look might appear innocent, but it’s even complete with those iconic pink rose earrings that can double as weapons, so you might want to keep your distance!


Sailor Mars



Sailor Mars’ fire powers are perfectly reflected in the fiery-red colors of her look. We can’t see it, but she’s probably rocking those sky-high red heels, too!


Sailor Mercury



Known for both her brains and beauty, Sailor Moon’s icy blue look perfectly portrays the studious and sensible character.


Sailor Neptune



Sailor Neptune’s oceanic-inspired teal uniform is perfectly reflected in @picturresque‘s version of the character. The perfect pink pout really lets the teal stand out, and we are obsessed!


Sailor Venus



We love that @picturresque even included Sailor Venus’ (Sailor V, if you will) gorgeous tiara jewel. Her look just wouldn’t be complete without it!


Sailor Pluto



No need to use Sailor Pluto’s time-travelling gate to get her look! @picturresque nailed it with this dark and mysterious makeover.


Sailor Moon



Just like Sailor Moon herself matured throughout the series, we can’t get enough of this mature and modernized version of her look. Can you say gorgeous?


Sailor Saturn



Sailor Saturn’s dark powers are so incredibly portrayed in @picturresque‘s version of the character. Her delicate yet fierce features are making us wish we could be that badass!


Sailor Sun



We absolutely adore this glowing look inspired by Sailor Sun. Can someone please tell us where she got that highlighter from?!


Sailor Uranus



Just one glance at this Sailor Uranus-inspired look shows all of the traits of the original character: daring, strong-willed, capable, and charming. Who wouldn’t want to be the best friend of such an awesome character?!