A Morning Spa Treatment That Will Appeal to All Your Senses

by admin

A Morning Spa Treatment That Will Appeal to All Your Senses

A good spa treatment leaves you feeling rejuvenated and as if you can take on the world. Add a mini spa treatment to your morning routine just by rewarding your senses with these simple, cost-effective tips.

Mornings can be insane. You're getting garbage to the curb, emptying the dishwasher, planning dinner, and maybe even throwing a load into the washing machine. It's no wonder you're drained before you even get out the door. Whether you're rushing off to work or school, taking care of just yourself, or also trying to get kids out the door, it seems as if there's never enough time to get done all the things that have to happen before you hit the road. You could really use a morning spa treatment, but who's got the cash or the time? You do. Add just a few minutes to your personal morning routine—let the dishes sit until the evening—and give yourself an invigorating spa treatment in your morning shower.

Aromatherapy is a key element to any spa treatment. You can light a candle in the bathroom or add essential oils to your shower or bathwater; but you're a busy woman, so make the aromatherapy part of why you're in the shower in the first place, and work scents into a body wash or scrub. This coffee sugar scrub is a great way to invigorate your morning shower while exfoliating and moisturizing.

Coffee Sugar Scrub

1 part finely ground coffee

1 part brown sugar

1 part finely ground oatmeal

½ part oil (coconut or olive oil will do)

Mix together the ingredients, and apply over your entire body, concentrating on rough spots like knees, heels, and elbows. Coffee not your thing? Check out these other homemade scrub recipes.

One of the best things about a spa visit is the soft towels and robes. Set aside one or two towels that are just for you and your spa. Pick towels that are large, soft, and fluffy, and make sure you place them within easy reach of the shower. Check out these tips on keeping your towels soft and fluffy longer.

Music can set the mood for everything, so invest in a shower radio or keep a small radio in a distant corner of bathroom where it won't get wet. Play some of your favorite tunes while you get ready, and your mood and energy level will improve almost instantly. Sing along in the shower for an extra mood-boosting blast!

The last thing you want to think about when you step out of the shower is the toilet you need to clean, so have a plant, a picture, or even a piece of your child's artwork hanging where you can easily see it as you step from the shower. You want something that will make you smile.

Have a reward before or after your morning spa treatment, one that makes you relax and sends your mind to a good place. For me, that's a square of dark chocolate; for a friend of mine it's a nice hot cup of coffee. Whatever it is, find yourself a small treat that you don't need to share, that's all yours.