11 Olympics-Inspired Nail Art Designs to Get you Geared Up for Rio

by admin

11 Olympics-Inspired Nail Art Designs to Get you Geared Up for Rio

With the Olympics right around the corner, what better way to show your support for #TeamUSA than with Olympics-themed nails? Take a cue from these medal-winning designs.


Keep It Classic



Show your love for the Olympics with this classic nail art design. Paint each nail one of the ring colors and your thumb nail white. Use a dotting tool to create the iconic Olympic rings and you’re all set. If you don’t have a steady hand, pick up a set of these nail decals instead.


Put a Ring on It



Take the classic ring design to the next level with this pro-level design from Fashionista. Check out their full tutorial and get ready to cheer on Team USA!


A Design Worthy for the Podium



To create this epic nail art, all you need are the colors of the logo and a plastic straw (seriously). Watch the entire tutorial here and get ready to love your Insta-worthy look.


Negative Space



Negative space nails are all the rage. Create this simply Olympics mani my making each of your nails represent one of the rings and ta-da, you have a gold-medal worthy look.


Show Your Olympics Pride



This design is not for the nail novice, but with a little practice you can create this design. Start with a white base, creating flags on three of the nails. On your ring finger make a gold medal and for your thumb add the year. See the full tutorial here and make sure to reward yourself with a glass of rose when you’re done.


Go for Gold



Show your support by creating this fun medal design. Bonus points if they match the official design like these 2012 London nails.


It’s All in the Abstract



If you’re looking for a more subtle way to show your support, try this abstract nail art design by Small Good Things.


All That Glitters Is Gold



It took this artist two hours to create this design, but this gorgeous gold creation is totally worth the extra effort. Why gold? Jenny says she chose the color (as opposed to a flag) because, “…for the Olympics, everyone’s goal is to go for a gold medal.” We definitely agree.





These may have been for the 2014 winter Olympics in Sochi, but that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt this cute design for Rio. Use a nail art pen to draw representations of the various sports represented, add a date and the classic ring design and you’re good to go.


Freehand Details



Another gold-based mani, this design allows you to show support for the Olympics as a whole, your country AND the medals you're hoping your team racks up. If you need some inspiration to make yours more patriotic, check out some of our favorite USA nail art designs.


We Are the World



Show your support for as many countries as you can fit with this intricate nail art design. This design is not for nail newbies, and it’ll definitely require some patience, but the compliments you get will make it completely worth it.