12 Game of Thrones Nail Looks to Rock for the Season 4 Premiere

by Luna Ward

12 Game of Thrones Nail Looks to Rock for the Season 4 Premiere

Season four is coming and while we’re biting our nails waiting to see who will be killed off this season, we might as well be rocking “Game of Thrones” manis. Whether you prefer to pick your favorite house, represent all the sigils, or rock 3D dragon eggs, these nerdy nail looks will have you premiere-ready in no time. We rounded up our 12 favorite “Game of Thrones”-inspired nail design looks from around the web so you can properly nerd out via your nails.


DIY Decals



If you’re like us, as hard as we might try, we can’t pick a favorite GoT family. Michelle of Break Rules, Not Nails has our solution–rep each family’s crest on a different digit. Use a photocopier to print your own nail decals with this tutorial. Make the look even more epic with stiletto fakes (Khaleesi’s dragons will appreciate these talons) or rock the crests on your real nails for a low-maintenance mani.


Direwolf Digits



Candy Glaze is partial to the House of Stark with her Winter is Coming manicure. To complete these Game of Thrones digits you will need saran wrap, acrylic paint, black and white nail polish, and a steady hand. The wolf is a freehand feat, but Candy Glaze promises Nymeria isn’t too difficult.


Glitter Game of Thrones Nail Art



With glitter and a nail for every house, these gems by Polished Indulgence are worthy of King’s Landing. The simple nature of this nail art, and the step-by directions make this the perfect nail look for a last-minute premiere party.


Motto Mani



If you don’t have the steadiest hand or are not the biggest fan of glitz, take a note from Nailasaurus’ nails and use nail art pens to write the great houses’ mottos. If you’re looking for an effortless mani, this Game of Thrones nail look is easy on time and tools.


Dragon Nail Art



Inspired by dragon’s eggs, this manicure may be the only reason to break out last season’s crackle nail polish. Part talon part scales, these stiletto nails by Lesley Kat are the simplest Game of Thrones manicure yet.


3D Dragon Egg Nail Look



You may not be Khaleesi (I know, we wish), but you can still get the look of the Mother of Dragons with this 3D nail art look by Fixin to Faff. While this 3D mani uses 11 polishes and a bit of time, the look will make you stand out as a true fan.


3D Accent Nail



While we don’t play favorites, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t a bit obsessed with Danaerys. If you want to try your hand at the 3D mani, but four fingers of dragon eggs is too over the top, go for  a 3D accent nail and similar color scheme. Jamegackie does it perfectly with her glitz dragon egg mani


You Win Or You Die Nail Look



Support the House Baratheon and the House Tyrell with this sigil nail look. Flails and Nails rocked this mani at a preview for season four episode one at the Belfast Film Festival. If you can get over your sneak peek jealousy try out this fandom nail art.


Game of Thrones Nail Decals



Short & Sweet in Texasnails look complicated, but her secret–Game of Thrones nail decals–offers the look of true fandom in seconds. Make decals pop with a beige background and a gold flecked topcoat.


House Targaryen Nails



If you prefer a vampy look (and the House Targaryen) try this red and black nail look by Petite Peinture. All you need is black and red glitter polish, as well as a steady hand. But if you don’t have the latter, don’t sweat it. Skip the dragon and the stick to the scales, they are easy to freehand.


Speckled Nail Art



Winter is coming. Okay maybe not, but these nails are inspired by the harsh conditions of the North. All the Nails considers these snowy digits a fail because the direwolf she tried to freehand didn’t work. But we think, direwolf or not, these digits are perfect for the fan who wants Game of Thrones-inspired nail art one day and simple speckled nails the next.


Saran Wrap Mani



ProcrastiNails offers another premiere-party-to-every-day mani. While you probably can’t wrap yourself in gold chain links and silk, as long as you have saran wrap and blue and gold nail polish you can create this nail look inspired by Daenerys’ infamous blue dress.