12 Tips for Living With Long-Ass Acrylic Nails

by Sierra Burgos

12 Tips for Living With Long-Ass Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails look pretty, but they can be a b*tch to live with. Suddenly, putting on lotion and peeling fruit isn’t as easy as it used to be. Here are 12 hacks to make living with long nails a tiny bit more manageable.


1. Type using the pads of your fingers



This one may seem obvious, but using your pointer and middle finger is easier than using your thumb to text on a phone. Typing on a computer keyboard is easier because you can use the tips of your acrylic nails if you want to.


2. Use a pen to open a soda can



Opening a soda can using your fingers can be a broken nail waiting to happen. Instead, reach for a pen to flip up the pop tab so it’s wide enough of an opening for you to slide your finger underneath and finish the job.


3. Or a fork



If you don’t have a pen handy, a fork works just as well to pop the tab on the soda can.


4. Use your knuckles to scoop products



Using your fingers can lead to gunk all underneath your long nails. Try using your knuckles instead.


5. Utilize the top side of your nail as a scoop



If your knuckles won’t fit in the jar, try using the top side of your acrylic nail as a scoop. That way, you can get small amounts of product out while keeping the underside of your nails clean.


6. Or use the back of a makeup brush



Some vloggers have shared their long-nail secret: use the back side of makeup brushes to help with the makeup application process. You won’t get foundation or moisturizer stuck under your nails, and your hands remain clean.


7. Use them for styling hair


Normally, you’d need a comb to help part your hair or weave clean braids. Utilize the length of your acrylic nails when you’re styling your hair, and a comb won’t be necessary.


8. Put on gloves



When you’re handling something that could be ripped, like a new pair of tights or leggings, try putting on gloves beforehand. You’ll save yourself a frustrating trip to the store later.


9. Use credit cards to your advantage



Credit cards can be helpful for more than just feeding your shopping addiction—they can also open makeup palettes or help pop your phone out of its case.


10. Buy necklaces that don’t have clasps



Obviously you can’t do this all the time, but it’s helpful to have necklaces that can slide over your head without having to struggle with the clasp. On days that you’re in a hurry, you can reach for your no-clasp jewelry.


11. Use a knife to peel fruit



Using your nails to dive into an orange might end up damaging them, so use a knife instead and save your nails from breakage.


12. Make two nails shorter to put in contacts


Perhaps one of the smartest acrylic nail hacks I’ve ever seen is this: ask your nail technician to make your pointer and thumb fingernail a little shorter than the rest. If you use your right hand, only ask for those two nails shorter and make putting in contacts a hell of a lot easier.