15 Music Festival Nail Designs That’ll Make You A Hit In The Desert

by Hannah Marsh

15 Music Festival Nail Designs That’ll Make You A Hit In The Desert

From head to toe, going to a festival means going all out and that includes on your nails. Check out these 15 different nail designs for inspiration!


There’s Fun To Be Had



These nail designs from @dory_23 leave no question to where she’s going nor any doubt about how much fun will be had!


[Border]line Obsessed



A black base color with old time-y prints applied on top give off a cool vintage vibe for your weekend. Check out this mani from @itsashnails for inspo!


Lend A Hippie Hand



While maybe frowned on in the office, tie dye is wholeheartedly embraced at any music festival. Steal @sabrinasbeautyparadise‘s awesome look with a soft, colorful base and use a black pen for a fun, ready to party design.


Grade “A” Gradient



A colorful, mellow-vibing manicure can go with any and all outfits for your week. Check out this look from @nailsbynessajen that fades the hues into one another in a low-key tie-dye look.


Geometric Glam



Festivals are all about going big or going home (or going big and then going home to take a week-long nap), so why would your manicure be any different? These white geometric shapes from @msannie.nails can complete any look, no matter what you’re sporting. TBH they look like those white crochet tops that are so in festival fashion.


Feather The Storm



If your mani go-to revolves around intricate designs, this look from @botanicnails is for you. Glitter, glam, and fun designs are sure to bring in all of the compliments!


Pretty Prickly



Festivals mean deserts, and deserts mean cute cactus designs on your nails like these from @hissandtell, right?


The High Life



Why not put those dreamy summer sunsets right at your fingertips—literally? We love these nails from @moonails99, and they’re making us wish summer were here RN!


Nailed It



Free hugs, baby cacti, and metallic glass nails pretty much sum up festival season. These nails from @blackfilenails are getting us totally hyped.


Eye-light Of My Life



More is sometimes less, and these super cool, seeing-eye nails prove that to be true. We see you, @mayelin_nails_bar.


Aztec Glam



Bold and glitzy, these Aztec-inspired nails from @izbeautryldn add both sparkle and edge to your whole look.


Feather Weather



With a subtle but shimmery base coat, and an intricate boho-style design (like these ones from @ilda_bp) you’ll look effortlessly ready for some good music and a great time.


Sun Spots



No one can hide your sunshine, and this chic and simple mani from @dearpluto proves that to the world. We love the faded blue accent tips as an addition!


What Dreams Are Made Of



A fun accent nail or two is all you need to really make a statement with your mani. These dream catcher-inspired ones from @thehairspa_ are a perfect example.


Bright Nights



We can’t get enough of this manicure from @beauty_by_yulissa. By mixing up your accent nails with a bold solid shade and an all-over glitter, it makes for a super interesting look to last the whole week!