15 Stained Glass Mosaic Nail Designs Guaranteed To Blow You Away

by admin

15 Stained Glass Mosaic Nail Designs Guaranteed To Blow You Away

Painting your nails takes time and patience, but these nail artists are turning their manicures into true works of art. Looks like mosaics and stained glass windows aren't just for churches and art museums anymore, because these nail designs deserve to be framed.


Bubble Yummy Nails



We can’t comprehend how precise you have to be to achieve this mosaic nail design from nailessentialz, but no one can resist this peppy color combo!


A Rose By Any Other Stain



You basically have to be an accomplished Picasso to even attempt these mesmerizing stained glass tile nails by nail_art_tirnak. Hey, everyone has to start somewhere, whether it’s painting nails or frescoes, right?


Make A Painted Point



Sometimes all you need to do to make a statement is make your point. We’re going out on a limb here, but this stained glass nail art from pretty_in_polish92 is painted perfection.


Make It Rain(bow)



It’s easy to get lost in intricate stained glass windows, and these nails by gelnailsat are certainly no exception. Do you have the talent (and the patience) to attempt these?


Get Ready, Jetset, Go!



We know, we’ve all got places to be, but these mosaic nails by mikimon1118 are too good to miss. You might gaze at these for so long, you’ll miss your connection — more time to do your nails, right? Right.


Read Between The Parallel Lines



If you’re really into puzzles and complex, complex nail art, give this look from tailer_nails a go. Pick your favorite colors and be sure your have hours of free time on your hands!


Put Some Bling On It



If flashy, totally glam nails are really your thing, lay your eyes on this breathtaking manicure perfection by miyoko.k. Now you finally have an excuse to use those tiny gemstones buried in your craft box!


Queen of Glass Hearts



You don’t play with hearts, you break them like shattered glass. Try this stained glass nail design from stephaeria and show all your potential suitors you mean business.


Cold And Sharp As Ice



Stained glass nails that look as sharp as actual glass are hard to come by, and we’re completely blown away by dr.japan‘s mani. Who knows, these beauties could come in handy as weapons, too!


Through The Looking Stained Glass



We could seriously gaze at these decked out digits by tenbykellie for hours on end. These nails are so detailed, they really do make you wonder just what’s on the other side!


Don’t Be Foiled



You already know shattered glass nails are all the rage, so take the trend to the next level with these stained glass beauties by cuticlesbyt. Be prepared for total strangers to stop you in the streets for a better look.


Painted Elegance



If you’ve got an expert mani hand, give this chic and sophisticated nail art from meowme.designs a whirl. These stained glass stunners are perfect for holiday parties and any formal event you have to attend.


Neon Nights



Be careful, this nail art from nailsbysarahimorris could easily be mistaken for modern art. Seriously, this mosaic nail design deserves to be framed and displayed for all to see.


Green With Envy



Yeah, we know you’re pretty jealous your mosaic nails don’t look as good as sandstring_nails‘s. But if you’re really feeling the shattered glass nail trend, grab some nail foils and head to where the grass is greener.


Minimalist Mosaic Manicure



Looking for cool AF mosaic mani that won’t scream Lisa Frank at the office? Look no further than shemagazineofficial‘s take on the nail trend with minimalist elegance sure to spur some conversation at the water cooler.