18 Easy Nail Art How-To Videos

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18 Easy Nail Art How-To Videos

With all the amazing nail art designs out there, it can be hard to know which styles are DIY and which are better left to the pros. We’ve compiled some of our favorite nail art videos to help you turn your nails into works of art. All you’ll need are basic supplies like polish, dotting brushes, and tape.


Neon Color-Blocked Nails



Color blocking is a huge trend right now, but it doesn't have to take a lot of time to get the look. Try this quick and easy technique in your favorite colors. But put your tools away: This look is so simple you won't need any extra utensils.


Double Black French Manicure



When one French mani is not enough, double down on these chic cutout nails. You don't need any special tools to get this look: Just grab some tape and scissors from your desk drawer, some black polish, and a base and topcoat. In just a few simple steps, you will have a set of bold nails that are sure to impress.


Ombré Nails



Ombré is everywhere! With this easy tutorial, you can rock three tones—and the latest nail trend—at once. All you need to get this gradient look are a makeup sponge and three nail polishes in the same color family. We used purple, but feel free to mix it up. This look can be anything you make it.


No-Water Marble Nails Tutorial



If you love the marbled look but don't want to deal with a complicated marbling technique, this tutorial is perfect for you. Pick out your favorite coordinating polish colors (you'll need several), grab a plastic sandwich bag, and get to work. Before long, your nails will be swirly and stylish. It's so easy that anyone can do it.


Heart-Accent Nail Art



Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or just a regular day, these nails will inject a little love into your look. And don't worry about your drawing skills. This heart is made using a template. So pick out your best date night dress, and get ready to paint the town—and your nails—red.


Leopard-Print Nails



As far as JCrew's president and creative director Jenna Lyons is concerned, animal print is a neutral. And we tend to agree! Give this leopard-print tutorial a try; we promise it's easier than it looks. All you need are a dotting tool, a paper plate, and three nail colors—you can stick with traditional leopard colors or try something funkier. Go ahead—unleash your wild side.


Green-and-Gold Half-Moon Mani



Looking for a two-toned look but tired of the traditional French tip? The half-moon manicure is a great option to give your nails some pizzazz. But we took the sparkle up a notch with a sprinkle of gold glitter at the base of each nail. You'll only need a pinch to get your new half-moon mani shining.


American Flag Nails



Oh, say, can you see these awesome American flag nails? You can get this patriotic look in minutes with a little Scotch tape, a dotting tool, a paper plate, and, of course, three colors (you know which three!) of nail polish. Then take your nails out to the ball game, a barbecue, or fireworks—you're going to want to show these babies off.


Pink Color-Blocked Nails



These pretty-in-pink nails are the perfect combination of cute and chic. Plus, they're versatile! If pink isn't your style, mix up the colors. Maybe coordinate your nails with your favorite sports team, or show a bit of school pride. Don't forget the skinny striping tape for the perfect amount of shimmer.


Black Matte Glitter Nails



Just because your nail polish is matte doesn't mean it can't sparkle. For a look that's both edgy and glamorous, combine a black matte nail polish and a sprinkle of loose black glitter. Then don your favorite LBD, and take this glitzy look on the town. You and your nails are sure to impress.


White-Blue-and-Gold Chevron



Can a person really get enough chevron? It's in home decor, it's in your closet, and now it can be on your nails! Try this bold look in your favorite nail colors using manicure tape to keep your lines crisp and straight. Your nails will be as trendy as your wardrobe.


Color-Dragging Nail Art Tutorial



You don't have to be an artist to look like one. This painterly look is so easy anybody can do it. All you need are a few colors, a base coat, a topcoat, a dotting tool, a paper plate, and toothpicks. After a few simple steps, your nails will be bursting with color.


Spring Floral Nails



Flower-power nails are the perfect way to bring a little of the outdoors into your outfit even if there aren't flowers outside. With pink, orange, and green polishes, a base coat, a topcoat, an artist's brush, and this tutorial, soon your nails will be in full bloom. This look is sure to put anybody into the warm-weather spirit.


Silver-Tipped French Manicure



This fresh spin on the traditional French manicure is sophisticated and simple; it's a perfect candidate for an everyday manicure. With a bit of Scotch tape and silver polish, you can take any solid nail color up a notch. Sometimes all a look needs is a little shine.


Green-and-Gold Color-Blocked Nails



Who doesn't love jewel tones and sparkle? These eye-catching, color-blocked fingertips are not for the faint of heart, unless you opt for a more understated look. With a versatile design like this, the possibilities for your nails are endless: Wear them loud and proud, or keep it soft and subtle.


Blue “Water Drops” Nails



A combination of dull and shiny effects makes up this dewy look. We chose a cobalt blue, but you can create your own version with any polish; just make sure you have a clear, matte-finish topcoat and a dotting tool. Then follow these easy instructions. Before long, you'll have a funky but sophisticated set of nails that are perfect for any occasion.


Gingham Nail Art



Gingham is a wardrobe staple that's appropriate anytime, so why not try it on your fingertips? It may look tricky to get those perfectly straight lines, but with this tutorial, it's not. The secret is paintable nail stickers. Now, without much practice you can paint one gingham accent nail as we did, or even do all 10!


Red-and-Gold Hologram-Tape Nails



It's never been easier to get a festive set of nails with a little shimmer! To get this glamorous look, you'll need a bold nail color, a roll of metallic-finish nail-striping tape, cuticle scissors, a base coat, and a topcoat. We promise: It's not as hard as it looks.