19 Fun & Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails

by Katelyn Cheek

19 Fun & Easy Nail Designs for Short Nails

Not everyone’s nails grow strong enough to maintain long, shiny nails. Plus, long nails can easily get in the way of everyday life. No thank you. If you like low-maintenance beauty, check out these nail designs for short nails. You’ll finally want to flaunt your phalanges.


Evil-Eye Nail Art



The evil eye motif is all the rage these days. All you need is a thin brush and a dotting tool to create this design. Find the full tutorial here.


Watermelon Nail Art



Get fruity this summer with a simple watermelon design. Find other short nail designs by Paula here.


Colorful Polka-Dot Nails



Add a bit of color to your short nails with a simple dotting tool. Check out this design and other creative nail designs here.


Cat Nail Art



These short cat nails are all you need to show off your sassy side without really growing out your claws. For more adorable nail designs, go to Be Gorgeous.


Pastel Studded Nail Art



Liven up your nails with this triple-tone, studded nail design. Grab a nailbrush, and click here for the full tutorial.


Ombré Nail Art



Ombré is an easy, adorable way to add dimension to your nail look without needing a lot of space for your work. You’ll find all you need to master the technique here. Hint: The trick is a triangle makeup sponge.


Negative Space Floral Nail Art



Negative space nail art is one of the hottest new trends, and floral nail art is an old—and simple—classic. This look combines the two with totally adorable results. Find this step-by-step tutorial here.


Waterfall Nail Art



For this colorful waterfall design, you’ll need 4 to 6 nail colors and a nail art brush. But don’t worry—this nail art is easier to create than you think. Find the tutorial here.


Splatter Nail Art



Nail art doesn’t have to be all perfect circles and straight lines. Get creative and colorful with this splatter technique. Create this look here.


Wave Nail Art



With this beachy nail art, you don’t have to live on the coast to catch a wave. Plus, it’s perfect for shorter nails. Just make sure you use a very fine brush. Find more here!


Winking Nail Art



Let your nails do the flirting for you with this winking nail design by Honestly WTF. With only a few supplies, this design can be all yours. Find the tutorial here.


Simple Dot Nail Design



It’s amazing how much a few simple dots can dress up your nails. This look is elegant and so, so easy. Check out more nail designs by The Nail Trail here.


Gold Stripe Nail Art



If you’re nail art–challenged, try a simple piece of hologram tape for the perfect stripe. See how it works here!


Dotted Nail Design



Go crazy with your dotting tool to create this dotted rainbow design by Little Green Heart. Contrast your nails by using different designs on each finger.


Glitter Gradient Nail Art



Add a dose a glam to your short nails with a gradient glitter design. Check out this video tutorial and others here.


Plaid Nail Art



We’re always mad for plaid; and luckily you don’t need long nails to rock it on your fingertips. All you need is a steady hand, a thin brush, and a few classic plaid colors. Check out more nail designs here.


Nude & Gold Chevron Nail Art



Create a standard chevron print with three of your favorite colors. Don’t fret that paint process though—this design is nothing more than a simple vinyl sticker!


Purple-Tipped Nail Art



This totally chic nail look doesn’t care how long your nails are. A peak of purple on your fingertips is enough to spice up any ordinary mani without all the extra work. Find more nail here.


Graffiti Nail Art



Channel the inner street artist in you with this fun graffiti nail art design. This step-by-step tutorial makes it look so simple!