19 Geometric Manicures To Whip Your Nails Into Shape

by admin

19 Geometric Manicures To Whip Your Nails Into Shape

From layered triangles to free-flowing outlines, geometric nails ruled the runways this season. Ace the trend yourself with one of these fashion-forward manicures.


Pastel Arrows



This creative pastel nail design by Polish Drops will always point you in the right direction. Start with a gradient base of light pink, blue, and white and then use a nail brush to add a variety of arrows in black.


Art Deco



Black and gold are classics, and when you use thin, diagonal lines like Sammy from The Nailasaurus, you create art deco look that never goes out of style.


Black and Blue



The use of negative space and black triangles make this blue manicure pop. We recommend using striping tape to keep your lines even, but also be sure to allow enough drying time between layers.


Soft Neutrals



Sarah from Sarah Lou Nails created this chic design. The nude base keeps this look professional while the simple white lines add just the right amount of stylish detail.


Color Blocked



Multicolored diagonal sections layered over one another create a square in the center in this color blocked design by Pop Nails. Choose your colors (we suggest pink, black, blue and yellow for a retro vibe) and then alternate polish when swiping different sections.


Sexy Studs



Jen the blogger of From Head to Toe utilized negative space to create this sexy geometric nail design. Create the look yourself with black polish, tape, and small gold studs.


Pink Triangles



Shapes outlined in black give this manicure a 3-D effect. You can use any shades of the same hue, but we like the feminine aesthetic in this geometric nails by Angelina.


Interesting Indigo



Karolyn from Nails of Aquarius proves that using one shade can make a big statement. To create this look yourself choose your favorite shade of nail polish (we like this indigo) and plan out which nails to add straight or diagonal lines. Finish with small rhinestones in complementary colors.


Bronzed Gold



This design by Lili from Polilish certainly wins a gold medal from us for creativity. The shades pop against each other while the alternating triangles add an element of interest.


Tech Vibes



These geometric nails remind us of the fun, tech-inspired fabric with their small hexagons. Only instead of going for gray like most designers, Lucy, the blogger of Lucy’s Stash, adds a splash of color with oranges and blues.


Retro Neutral



Alice Kate Nails alternates the placements and sizes of the lighter tan to create a patchwork effect. You can choose more neutral shades for a retro feel, or go with something more modern like deep plum and lilac. Whichever colors you pick, be sure to let your personality show.


Pastel Mosaic



With an ombre base and some strategically places lines, you can have an intricate nail design like this one from Paulina’s Passions in no time. Choose lighter shades of mint and purple for a feminist touch or try cobalt blue and red for a stain glass aesthetic.


Negative Coral



This manicure is all about utilizing negative space. The white and black stripes contrast nicely, while each spot of coral adds an element of fun. You might also try lime green, yellow or orange for a similar, popping effect.


Bold Outlines



The fun part of geometric designs is playing around with bolder lines. This creation, by Chelsea Queen, takes advantage of this freedom by using outlines and bold colors, which creates a spunky manicure perfect for a night out.


Rose Gold and Black



Break out your rose gold jewelry because this geometric design begs for some fashion-forward accessories. Paulina from Paulina’s Passions created this look for New Year’s, but we say it’s versatile enough to wear all year long.


1 Shade of Gray



Test out Olga Iluha‘s nail art if you want to try a more simplistic design. First, paint your nails a medium-shade of gray. Then add small white triangles on two fingers side-by-side for a easy, glamorous look.


Nautical Bliss



If you’re one for the yacht club, then you need to check out this design by Nail Unistella. Thanks to sleek navy and peach stripes, this manicure sparks images of anchors, sand, and the open sea.


Sunset Statement



Sunset-inspired statement nails like this design from Semilac Nails look super chic—especially when paired with black matte polish.


Squared Up



Instead of focusing on intricate shapes, the folks at Green Nails Salon keep this geometric design easy for any nail art-enthusiasts. Start with a white base, add an off-center gray square, then swipe a smaller black one after that. You could switch up colors, but we love the versatility of neutral hues.