19 Green Nails Inspired By The Pantone 2017 Color of the Year

by Alyssa K. Priebe

19 Green Nails Inspired By The Pantone 2017 Color of the Year

Ombre, polka dots, glitter—the options are limitless with Pantone’s Color of the Year, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are 19 gorgeous manicures inspired by the spring-green hue. Don’t worry though, you can sport this shade year-round!





Greenery looks beautiful in this ombre design on Flaunt Me. The brighter shade brings out the yellow undertones while the tiny rhinestones add an elegant sparkle.


Art Deco



We are obsessing over this art deco design on Polish All the Nails. If you aren’t feeling the gold, you could always use white or silver. We recommend striping tape if you have any. If not, a steady hand will do just fine.


Black and Glitter



Glitter Lambs created this green glittery polish. There are tons of different combinations, but if you want a truly wicked manicure, layer the glitter over a rich, black base coat.





Phoebe Moon from Glimpses of the Moon got inspired by pop art style for her manicure, and we love it. Get the look yourself by painting your nails a deep green then outlining with black.


Stamp it Out



Traci, the blogger of Newsie Nail Novice used a stamping tool to create this beautiful green gradient design. Head over to her blog for the full tutorial, and get the look yourself.


Two-Toned French



Gee from Spotlit Nails knows a thing or two about color combinations. Her greenery looks beautiful with the small emerald tips. If you don’t love the angles, you could always do the classic french with the greenery base.





Check out the detail in this nail design by Dianas Polish. The green looks striking next to the pink, blue, white and black shapes.


Layered Leaves



If you really want to get into the Pantone spirit, try this design by The Nail Smith. Not only do you rock the color, but this manicure is all about the greenery —literally.





Thank Elizabeth from Did My Nails for this romantic inspo. Seriously, this nail design looks so sweet you can almost smell the delicate roses.


A Little Fruity



Get a little fruity with this design from Nails by Kayla Shevonne. The yellow and green color combo paired with a lime and lemon is a fun way to play with 2017’s trendiest color.


Lacey Mermaid



Mermaid everything is one of the hottest trends right now. So what’s better than one trend? Two! Rachel, the blogger of Top Coat It, used lace and green polish for this stunning manicure which utilizes color and texture.





Try something new: a monochromatic mosaic nail design. Get the full tutorial from Emma on Manicurity and get ready to turn some heads.


Negative Space



The way Trend Nail Unistella took advantage of her space (or lack of) turned this manicure from cute to WOW! Create the look yourself with a few different shades of green and some strategically placed shapes.


Basic Ombre



There’s nothing wrong with being a little basic, especially when it comes to your manicure. Choose your five favorite shades of green like Cristina from Let them have Polish and simply swipe and repeat.





Strut your stuff—er your hands—with this gorgeous design by Eva, the blogger behind Flight of Whimsy. Just be sure to pick the right shade of green so you can get just the right paradise combination.


Flirty Polka Dots



Embrace your inner girly girl with these feminine design by Jasmine from Californails. Be sure to keep the white polka dots tiny, and add a heart decal for a truly flirtatious look.


Simple Shapes



Make your mani stand out with this simple design by Selina’s Nail Art. The key is the small shape. You can use triangles like she did, or go for circles or squares. Just make sure they are the central element.


Winter and Spring



Yes, bright green is generally a spring time hue, but this design from You Can Call Me Wend makes it work for the colder months too. Simply add some snowflakes and glitter for a trendy winter wonderland.


Branch Out



Are they trees or swirls? We can’t really tell, but regardless this manicure on Nailuminium makes us think of rejuvenation, the meaning of Pantone’s new hue. So go ahead, give it a try.