20 Cartoon-Inspired Nails You Need to Try Now

by More.com Editors

20 Cartoon-Inspired Nails You Need to Try Now

Relive your childhood with these fun, fabulous cartoon nail art ideas. Whether you’re into superheros or Hello Kitty, we have you covered.


Fresh Faces



Instagram-user @jaein_shop created this nail design by combining fun faces with a colorful textured look. The earthy muted tones are perfect for a cozy everyday look.


Comically Created



This mani is straight out of a comic book. For the best results use a matte polish base coat to replicate the matte finish of a comic book. We love the orange base color @dadadani11 used.


Furry Friends



Show off your favorite cartoon characters with this mani by Instagrammer @nice_nails_happiness. Mix and match your favorite characters and colors to personalize them.


Charlie Brown



Bring your favorite characters with you! Insta-artist @micaki_nail created these nails featuring the characters of Charlie Brown. When recreating don’t push the look overboard, space characters out leaving some with a minimal design.


Minnie Mouse



Recreate these Minnie Mouse-inspired nails by @nailspa_bangkok. Feel free to mix up the designs, but its important to stick to this color palette.


Looney Tunes



Feeling nostalgic? Instagrammer @pazurnica created these Looney Tunes inspired nail design. Personalize this look by showcasing your favorite characters.


Hello Kitty



These Hello Kitty nails are perfect for spring. Copy @nice_nails_happiness and mix various designs featuring this pretty blush pink color. The light colors and fun design are great for an everyday look.


Comic Book Convention



Instagram-user @jpnailsandbeauty brings comics to life with this nail design. Replicate these nails using bright bold colors and defined lines.


The Little Prince



Get these nails using light colors and minimal designs. @kitsunenails created these fun nails by focusing her designs on one nail from each hand.


Brilliantly Batman



Instagrammer @pauli.nails isn’t afraid to flash the bat signal with these Batman-inspired nails. Recreate this look by featuring signature aspects from your favorite superhero flick.


Bashful Blues



These cozy nails by @min_er1004 are great year round. Make this design your own featuring your favorite animals or symbols.


Monsters, Inc.



This mani is off the Scream-O-Meter! These Monsters, Inc.-inspired nails featuring aspects from two of the main characters, Mike Wazowski and Sulley. Instagrammer @allethastutz created them to be both recognizable while also keeping it simple.


Cat In The Hat



These detailed nails are perfection. Instagram-user @phalangesbyregina created these Dr. Seuss nails showcasing various elements from the Cat in the Hat.


Minion Madness



Recreate this Despicable Me inspired nail look by @yustinsiplupa. Get your own by creating and combining various minions accented by a simple glittered yellow polish.





Build your nails to the next level with these textured Lego look by @nail_crazy90. The added texture and brilliant colors will guarantee a double take.


Sesame Street



Got milk? Recreate these Cookie Monster nails by Instagrammer @phalangesbyregina. For best results use contrasting colors on the detailed nail to really have the design stand out.





Bring the game with you wherever you go. These nails by Instagram-user @nail_crazy90 are both playful and bright, great for a spring or summer look.


Where’s Waldo?



Where’s Waldo? This fun look by @nailplay is a guaranteed conversation starter. Recreate this look using red, white and lots of stripes.


Mario Brothers



Level up with these Mario Bros-inspired nails from @nails_bydavia. These detailed designs look great but may be more difficult to attempt. You could also incorporate various elements of the game to get the same feel.


Scooby Doo



Scooby Doo, where are you? Bring the gang with you with this mysterious mani by @polishnailandbeauty. In order to get the most out of this look be sure to focus on the blue and green shades.