20 Pretty in Pink Nail Designs

by Morgan DeBoest

Pink is our go-to color when we want to feel ultra-feminine. What girl doesn’t want to feel as though she has stepped into a fairy tale every once upon a time? Whether you want a subtle, sweet or bold pink nail design, we’ve got you covered. We gathered 20 of our favorite bloggers’ pink nail designs—click on to find your new fave.



Studs and Swirls


pink and white swirly painted nails


This year, our favorite pink nail designs are all about clashing patterns. From stripes and florals to swirls and polka dots, we love a sweet, mismatched look. Try this super-swirly look from Alice of One Nail to Rule Them All. She used a nail art pen to draw the swirls freehand and placed studs on an accent nail.





ombre pink nail polish


Just as ombre looks for hair and fashion continue to be popular, ombre nails are sticking around, too. Try delicate shades of pink, and finish the look with a hot pink thumbnail as Leslie of Polish Art Addict did for her version of this look.



Pink and Purple with Tiny Hearts


pink and purple nail polish with tiny hearts


We adore heart manis, so it was a no-brainer when it came to these tiny hearts from Ashley of Spellbound Nails. Paint alternating nails shades of light pink and purple, and draw tiny hearts down the center of the nail in the opposite shade.



Abstract ’80s


pink abstract 80's nail polish


This sassy geometric look straight from the ’80s is the perfect way to try out your taping skills. Sarah of Chalkboard Nails loved the design originally featured on Nailside so much that she decided to re-create it with more pink tones. Start with solid pink nails and layer on more colors, maybe even throwing a shade of blue on top, by taping triangle guides on top of each coat.



Delicious Stripes


pink candy striped nail polish


Jane of Nailside gave us these gorgeous red and pink stripes that look good enough to eat. They’re deliciously easy, too: Just paint a coat of pink, and follow with red striper polish. Don’t forget a swipe of topcoat!



Hot Pink Gradient


pink gradient nail polish


If you’re new to nail art, start here. Alice of One Nail to Rule Them All re-created her own gradient look to incorporate vibrant pink tones in one of our favorite looks. Just pick a few shades of pink, and sponge on, with the darkest pink at the edge of the nail. For a funky twist, reverse the direction of the gradient on one accent nail.



Juicy Watermelon


watermelon painted nails


One of our favorite summer treats is a juicy watermelon, so naturally we’re incorporating that bright, summery feeling on our nails, too. Sammy from The Nailasaurus created tiny slices of watermelon on each individual nail in this look—an allover coat of pink, freehand lime green and white lines along the edges of the nail, and black acrylic dots for the seeds.



Dainty Lace Half Moons


dainty lace nail polish


Sarah of Chalkboard Nails proves you don’t have to have oval nails to rock the half-moon look. The fancy lace isn’t complicated, either—just draw three thick vertical lines, and add scallops along the sides of each line.



Neon Pink Flowers


pink nails with pink flowers


This bold, bright look from Leslie at Polish Art Addict will definitely pop your summery glow (if you don’t have the tan you’re after yet, check out our tips and tricks for spray tanning). To get the look, paint three or four nails neon pink, and one or two bright white. On the white nails, freehand-paint a pink flower and an outline in black. We like tiny black dots around the edges of the flower for interest.



Runway Stripes


watercolor pink nail polish


Sometimes our best nail inspiration comes straight from the runway. This is certainly the case with these gorgeous, slightly off-kilter stripes inspired by DSquared’s summery Spring 2014 collection. Taryn of Miss Ladyfinger started with a plain white nail and used a nail striper brush to apply hashes horizontally using light pink and then hot pink polish. She finished off the look with a matte topcoat.



Fruit Salad Gradient


orange and pink ombre nail polish


Allie of Brit Nails says this pink-and-orange gradient reminds her of those Fruit Salad chewy candies (must be a British thing). To get the look, start with a white polish on all the nails. Create a vertical gradient on a makeup sponge using whatever colors you like—we like pink and orange, but you could try different shades of pink or more contrasting hues. Sponge onto nails, and finish with topcoat.



Floral Pond Mani


pink nail polish with white flowers


The pond referenced in the title of this mani is actually referring to the depth of the design, not an actual pond. Chalkboard Nails‘s Sarah was inspired by this tutorial by Jacki at Adventures in Acetone, so lucky for us, she made her own pink version. This one will take a little time, but it isn’t too difficult—just use a stamping tool or draw on flowers in between layers of sheer jelly nail polish.



Gold Half Moons


pink nail polish with gold half moons


Add some glitz and glam to your every day with these sparkly gold half moons from Leslie at Polish Art Addict. Start with a base coat; then use reinforcement stickers (halves) to block off the bottom of the nail. Paint two coats of a light pink polish over the remaining part of the nail, and pull the reinforcement sticker off before it fully dries. Fill in the half moons with a super glittery gold polish, and cover the whole nail with topcoat.



Big Blooms


pink nails with colorful flowers


If you want to wear flirty florals but are tired of the same old shirt or dress, why not wear them on your nails? That’s exactly what Danielle and Jenny from Polish You Pretty decided to do in this tutorial. Paint big flowers in contrasting colors, and fill in the middle with your base color for a gorgeous, fresh look.



Gradient with Dots


white to pink gradient nails with polka dots


Leslie from Polish Art Addict re-created Sarah from Chalkboard Nails’s festive holiday gradient look to freshen it up for the spring and summer months. We love her take on it and the way she used white and pink polishes to create a vibrant gradient, adding white dots to keep things interesting.



Froyo Swirl


pink and white nail polish


It’s no secret—we all love frozen yogurt. Allie of Brit Nails loves it so much she decided to make this froyo-inspired mani. All it takes is two colors of nail polish (she chose hot pink and white) and plastic wrap.



Hot Pink with White Liner


hot pink nail polish with white stripes


Keep ’em guessing with a hodgepodge of different pink nail designs. Sammy of The Nailasaurus created this adorable look with a hot pink base coat and used a white liner polish to create the lines. She used gold glitter and white studs for accents—don’t forget your topcoat!



Metallic and Pink Crescent Moon


pink nail polish with silver moon


When Danielle of MTV Fora saw this crescent moon nail design on the Chanel runway, she knew she had to re-create it. Start with a coat or two of silver polish; then use a nail art brush to paint the inner circle of the nail rose pink. We love the contrast of color and texture here.



Heart Tips


heart tipped pink nail polish


The girls of Polish You Pretty did it again with this adorable vintage Valentine design. Start with a coat or two of a light pink polish on the whole nail; then, using the bottle brush or a nail art brush, create the heart on the tip of the nail in a hot pink color. Use a dotting tool dipped in white nail polish to line the inside of each heart for a doily look, and finish with a matte top coat.



Stamps, Glitter and Studs


pink nail polish with white vine decor and gold


We love how versatile this look is—Allie of Brit Nails created it for Valentines Day, but you could totally rock it any day of the year. Start with a peachy pink cream nail polish on each nail except the ring finger on each hand. Use a glitzy gold with lots of shimmer on the ring finger. After the peach coat dries, stamp a design (we like Allie’s vine stamp) on the middle finger, and place small gold studs at the base of the index finger and pinky nails. Seal it with a topcoat, and you are good to go!