22 Cute and Easy Nail Designs for Any Occasion

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22 Cute and Easy Nail Designs for Any Occasion

Black and white are classics, but some events call for brighter colors. So forget traditional neutrals, and update your tips with these cute and easy manicures. Whether you're looking to spice up a little black dress or trying to find something appropriate for your friend's wedding, these stylish nail designs work for any occasion.


Glitter Aztec Nail Art



Gone are the days when nail designs needed to be uniform. Play with the statement nail trend with this eye-catching Aztec tribal nail art. With glitter, a steady hand and this tutorial, you can easily re-create it yourself. Simply paint two nails white and use a thin brush or nail art pen to draw the details. Add whatever color for your other nails (we love this mint green) and finalize with a touch of sparkle.


Floral Fun



Florals aren’t just for spring. This yellow and purple manicure is made for any weather. The free-form style makes it super easy to recreate and we love it. Following this tutorial, simply paint your nails white, add blobs of purple and yellow on each nail and then using black and green add your details. And viola! You have the perfect mani for a day with friends.


Butterflies and Sunsets



The yellow, red and orange gradient reminds us of a beautiful sunset. With this guide, learn how to use a sponge to create the beautiful ombre effect. Once your colors blend perfectly, simply draw on white butterflies. Nail art tip: adding a white base helps your top colors pop.


Flamingos and Florals



If your day consists of relaxing poolside, you need some adorable nail art. This tutorial shows you how to use a few shades of pink and green to get this fun design. Honestly, is there anything more summery than a flamingo mani? We don’t think so, especially with a refreshing cocktail in your hand.


Bunting Party Nail Design



For fun and festive manicures worthy of your next block party look no further than simple bunting nail designs. As cute as the style is, it’s just as easy to create with this tutorial. Choose a neutral base like this lavender-gray and use white nail polish to draw diagonal lines on each nail. Fill in with multi-color triangles and that’s it! A party-ready mani in minutes.


Pastel Aztec Nail Art



This Aztec-print nail art uses pastel colors like pink, yellow and blue to create a trendy look. All you need are the right tools: a variety of colors, a striping brush, a nail art brush and a matte topcoat and you can sport this colorful manicure. Don’t let the details intimidate you, with this tutorial, you can easily create this design.


Bright and Abstract



Add a splash of color to your favorite LBD with this bright abstract nail art. Check out how we created the layer effect here. You can use a variety of colors, or stick with one in different shades for this manicure. Our favorite part is how versatile this style is, simply layer your favorites and head out the door.


Anchor in the Sand



Bring the beach to your fingers with this nautical nail art tutorial. The gold glitter looks so real you can almost feel the sand between your toes, while the white anchors and stripes remind you of a day at sea. Anchors away!


Geometric Nail Art



For those who prefer a more sophisticated manicure, check out this geometric nail art tutorial. With its white lines and dark backdrop, this nail design is professional enough for the office and stylish enough for a night out.


Pineapple Nail Art



Get a little fruity at your next barbecue with this pineapple nail design. This step-by-step guide shows you how bright yellow bases, brown and white accent lines and a few strategically placed green strokes can help you easily create this mani. Be careful if you’re prone to biting your nails though, these tips looks so tasty you may be tempted to take a nibble.


Floral Ombre Nail Art



For a manicure as lovely as your favorite flowers, look no further than this floral ombre design tutorial. Use a sponge to create gradients with softer pinks and greens. Next, add polka dots and flowers on opposite fingers. Be sure to keep your middle finger and pinkie solid to prevent it from appearing too busy.


Fantastic Floral Fox



If you love the outdoors, then you’ll love this adorable nail design. This guide will show you how using orange and black polish can transform your tips into a forest creature. A manicure as cute as this definitely calls for a nature hike, or watching The Fox and the Hound. Ya know, whatever works for you.


Sunset Palm Tree Nail Design



If you've got a tan you want to flaunt, then give it the perfect accessory with this nail design. Vibrant shades of pink and yellow pop against your sun-kissed skin while the palm tree adds an element of fun. Check out the tutorial for this sizzling manicure here.


Wild Side



Take leopard print from subtle to bold with bright nail designs. This manicure’s perfectly placed ombre stripes keep it from looking to over the top; click to learn how to create them yourself. You can rock these wild nails with your favorite studded boots for a statement that matches your fierce attitude.


Tropical Hawaiian Nail Art



You don’t have to spend hundreds to enjoy paradise. Instead, create this Hawaiian-inspired nail design by following our tutorial. With the white base contrasting nicely against the purple, green, orange and blue flowers, you’re sure to have a few people notice your tropical tips.


Ice Cream Nails



This tutorial shows you how to turn your nails into your favorite treat. Simply use two shades of brown for the cone and layer bright colors like pink, yellow and sky-blue for the scoops to cool off your tips. Mmmm. This mani definitely calls for some sweet tooth indulgence. Go ahead, you earned it.


Pretty Paisley



For a mani that matches your outgoing personality, check out this design inspired by Vera Bradley and Lily Pulitzer. Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn exactly how to recreate this look, but for the basics you’ll want your favorite polishes. We love the pinks, yellows, and greens used here, but any vibrant shades will make your nails stand out.


Easy Floral Nail Art



When attending a wedding, it's important not to upstage the bride (obviously). So when picking out a nail design, you need something subtle but stylish, and this floral design does just that. Even better, it doesn't use white! With a nude base, different color polishes for flowers and this step-by-step guide, you can easily say "I do" to this mani.


Geometric Roses



You’ll love this charming design for your next date night. The softer neutrals keep it subtle, while small, bright pink roses add a romantic flare. You’ll want to use a striping tool to make sure your geometric stripes are perfect, and this tutorial shows you how.


Galaxy Nail Art



For a manicure that’s really out of this world, check out this galaxy nail art tutorial. With using a sponge, you can get this cosmic design. Simply layer your different colors, letting each dry. Then draw your stars and planets with white polish. Finish with a clear coat to smooth and protect. The best part of this manicure is each nail is different, so don’t worry about being uniform, just have fun with it.


Electric Daisy Nail Art



Whenever you’re looking to add some color into your wardrobe, play around with this electric design. You can use rainbow colors like we did or try a monochromatic with shades in the same color family. The trick is getting the hearts just right, and you can master it with this step-by-step guide.


Peacock Feather Nail Art



A dinner party calls for three things: delicious food, great company and a stylish manicure. Okay so it’s not a requirement, but this peacock feather nail art definitely adds to your sophisticated aesthetic. Follow our tutorial to master this elegant design.