22 Jeweled Nails To Make You Really Sparkle

by admin

22 Jeweled Nails To Make You Really Sparkle

Take your nail game to the next level with just a little—or a lot—of extra bling. Check out these 22 jeweled nail looks that are sure to stand out.


Bejeweled Basics



Amp up a more classic look with this neutral-toned nail design plus bling. Instagrammer mastromanolakii makes basic colors stand out with added jewels and intricate design.


Under the Sea



Channel your inner mermaid with these marine-inspired nails. Instagrammer showroom_nailspa uses a chromatic nail polish for a scaly base color to really pull off this bejeweled look.


Silver and Gold



These nails are anything but basic. Add some oomph to any geometric design by adding some additional texture and sparkle. Instagrammer sfnoma mixes sizes and shape to add more interest.


Ornamental Oxblood



Instagrammer donnnynails knows how to take a rich nail design up a notch. The contrast of the color and shine with the matte finish make these nails look simple but elegant.


Floral Frenzy



You can have fabulous nails like these on Instagram user polished_by_mitchell too! Try a bold color palette and add textured flowers to really make it pop. If you’re not into mixing colors, we’d also love this look in a matte purple.


Delicate Daisy



For a more elegant event, try this nail look from gotabby. The gradient flower coloring is what really puts these nails over the top.


Fierce Foil



Instagrammer demnuk3s created this flawless nail look with a chromatic foil polish and jewels. Consider substituting the silver gems with gold metallic pendants for more subtle bling.


Marvelous Marble



You can recreate this marbled look by Insta-user _jsnails by mixing and matching various patterns of a similar color palette and toppng it off with gems and chains. Make it your own with other colors and patterns to suit whatever occasion comes your way.


Just Peachy



These peach nails made us do a double take. Linalarousse added a twist to the basic nail color with a textured beachy party nail.


Beach Please



Instagrammer @outlaw_nails brings the sea wherever she goes with these ocean-inspired nails. This simple look is great when you’re off to the beach or you simply wish you were.


Snow White



These nails by aubrey_foust are both glamorous and posh. The snowy white color can complete any outfit with ease. Now you only need the seven dwarves.


Ruby Red



These nails are red hot! Instagrammer a_is4andrea created this scarlet nail look to turn some serious heads. Of course, red is a nail color staple, but you can make it your own with added jewels in various colors.


Suit and Tie



Meghannails created this edgy, bejeweled nail look for a more formal event, but it’s perfect for any time you are feeling dark and mysterious.


On the Edge



Instagrammer missexclusivenails created these incredible haute couture nails. They’re perfect any day you want to turn up the volume on your street style look. Switch up any nail designs to make it truly your own.


Confetti Confection



This great everyday nail look was created by jillchao. It’s perfect when you want natural-looking nails with just enough sparkle to stand out in a crowd.


Simply Sapphire



Go for simply stunning with a deep blue nail color like nailhouse.rock. She amped up her basic nail color by adding jewels to the half moons at the base of each nail.


Playful in Pink



These nails by riyathai87 are totally swoon-worthy. The varying pink shades and patterns would add interest to any mani.


Fairly Feathered



Instagrammer outlaw_nails really showed off her long nails with this intricate feathered design. The jeweled additions and base glitter polish is sure to have others flocking to your feathered design.


The New Neutral



Looking for a versatile nail look to make an impact without going over the top? Copy jewelednails with these neutral nails and golden accents.


Treasure Island



Queenofalltrades really knows how to play up a magnificent mani. The randomly colored and patterned jeweled nail is balanced by the basic gray nail color.


Chain Gang



Spice up your everyday nails with this look by Instagrammer jewelednails. Its simple to recreate by adhering a small gold chain on top of any base coat.


Crazy and Colorful



These nails are perfect for any tropical vacay. Insta-user @celestesnails created this look by starting with a white base coat and fanning out various colors with a toothpick, then adding various jewels.