25 of the Best Blue Manis for Summer

by admin

25 of the Best Blue Manis for Summer

Blue manis are having a major moment this season. With endless hues to choose from, it's no wonder #ManiMonday is blowing up with the classic shade. Scroll through and find your next favorite nail art design.


Sweet Florals



A light blue base is complemented by a dark, bold flower. Use the flower on its own as an accent nail or make your nails pop with the design on each nail.


Glitter Ombre



Ombre: Cool for your hair and even cooler for your nails. Make this ombre gradient even more special with the addition of a shimmery topcoat for a playful look that wows.


Polka Dot Paradise



A bold, cute pattern like mini polka dots can make a more serious mani more fun. Make sure to choose an evergreen color, like this navy shade from Sally Hansen, and add an accent nail to play up the design.


Marbled Mother Nature



Celebrate Earth Day all year long with this beautiful marbled look. If creating a marble nail design sounds difficult, check out this no-water marble nail art tutorial tutorial to see how it’s done (don’t worry, all you need is a plastic baggy).


Geometric Beauties



If you have a steady hand, try these sleek geometric print nails. Start by creating blue and white stripes on two nails and your thumb, followed by patterning a geometric shape over a blue base for the other two.


Under the Sea



Create this adorable ocean-inspired mani and be prepared to sing your favorite tune from The Little Mermaid.


Modern Marble



Another marbled look we love, this bright blue makes a perfect base coat for this crackled nail art design.


Zigzags and Rhinestones



For the glam girl, try this cute summer mani for a beach-ready look that wows. Small rhinestones and a fun zigzag pattern make for a great look even a nail newbie can do.


A Touch of Art



Boring manis be gone! With this unique blue nail art design your nails are guaranteed to stand out. Either freehand a design yourself, or get inspired by this abstract nail art you can adapt to suit your style.


Sea Inspiration



Take inspiration from the gorgeous blue hues of the sea to create this summer mani. Stencil on some mini anchors to round out the design.


Follow Your Arrow



Take the arrow trend to the next level by adding a collection of them to your mani. Shades of blue and glitter make this look stand out from the rest.


Electric Blue Chevron



Take a bright and bold shade of blue along with a shade of silver to create this beach-ready manicure.


Abstract Gradients



Create a unique gradient using small pieces of tape, or you can freehand a geometric design over it for an urban, hip look.


Coming Up Daisies



Show your appreciation for your favorite summer flowers with a cornflower blue base and accent nails featuring cute white daisies.


It’s All in the Ombre



Can’t choose just one shade of blue? A glamorous, grown-up ombre design allows you to show off your favorite hues. And, yes, you can actually do these ombre nails at home.


Blank Space



Get in on two trends at once by creating a blue negative space nail design. Pick a few shades of blue you’re in love with and section off areas of your nails using tape to create the negative space.


Intricate Blues



If you find a pattern you love, stencil it over a blue base coat for a look you can wear all summer long.


Divine + Delicate



Soft and delicate flowers keep this design looking fresh and chic.


Putting Up Airs



Keep it simple by choosing a bright shade of blue and donning it on each of your nails.


Aztec Stilettos



Graphic and bold, these Aztec-inspired stiletto nails sure know how to make an entrance.


Glitter, Stripes and Everything Nice



Update a teen favorite with these sophisticated stripes you can wear everywhere from the office to a garden party.


Soft + Simple



A sweet and chic nail design, you can create these cotton candy stripes using two colors and tape.


Geometry Meets Simplicity



Create this statement nail art with a soft blue base coat and a white geometric design you can freehand on each of your nails.


Mixing Patterns



A gradient followed by a tribal-inspired print creates a look perfect for every summer barbecue.


Diagonal Water Marble Tips



Create this cool variation of a marbled nail design using a shimmery base and creating a marbled tip using the same supplies you would use to create a French tip manicure.