26 Food-Themed Nails That Look Good Enough To Eat

by admin

26 Food-Themed Nails That Look Good Enough To Eat

What better way to show off your love for food than these tasty nail designs? From burgers to popsicles to sushi, these impressive works of finger art take the cake.


McDonald’s Nails



Show off your devotion to the golden arches with this fast food manicure. I’m lovin’ it!


Fruity Nails



Oranges and bananas and cherries, oh my!


Junk Food Nails



Using a silver background color creates a more uniform look for this tasty spread.


Pineapple Nails



Try putting food only on an accent nail, like these pineapple pointer fingers.


Ice Cream Nails



I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream (nails)!


Egg Nails



These sunny side up fingers are perfect for any breakfast lover.


M&M’s Nails



Go for a colorful look wih this M&M’s manicure. Too bad they aren’t actually chocolate.


Lemon Nails



Who knew that combining nails and lemons could be so freakin’ adorable?


Dessert Nails



Can’t decide on a favorite dessert? Just use them all for an extra sweet manicure.


Pie Nails



Pick your favorite pie and change up the color scheme. Personally, I’d pick a raspberry pink.


Sushi Nails



I’ve never seen sushi on nails before, but suddenly I’m dying for a california roll manicure.


Cupcake Nails



Perfect for a birthday party, celebration, or hosting your own cupcake war.


Ice Cream Sundae Nails



Here’s another take on the ice cream nails, but these mini-sundaes feature melted strawberry ice cream and sprinkles.


Cherry Nails



You know you’ve seen an adorable sundress in this exact pattern. This manicure screams summer.


Gingerbread Nails



We’d sport these festive nails any time of year.


Strawberry Nails



These nails are subtle enough to wear for any occasion—and who doesn’t like strawberries?


Donut Nails



We’re obsessed with that lavender color, and adding a food design is just icing on the donuts.


Popsicle Nails



Put a spin on the ice cream nails and use a different frozen treat—popsicles!


Pink Lemonade Nails



Yellow and pink are already a cute color combo, so why not try pink lemonade themed nails?


Milk and Cookies Nails



A manicure Cookie Monster would approve of. Don’t forget the sparkles!


Banana Nails



Represent your love for bananas with this adorable design. They sell all kinds of nail fruit stickers on Etsy, from kiwis to cantaloupes.


Baking Nails



The baker inside all of us is screaming. Let people know right away what you’re into with these cute-as-can-be nails.


Strawberry Popsicle Nails



We love how this set features two popsicle accent nails paired with a speckled strawberry pink shade.


Sprinkles and Frosting Nails



Instead of tiny round donuts, make your nail the donut by adding sprinkles and icing.


Summer Watermelon Nails



These watermelon nails are PERFECT for the summer. That pinky red would look even better with a nice tan. (Or spray tan. Safety first.)


Junk Food Sticker Nails



We can’t think of anything cuter than these junk food nail stickers. Fingers crossed there’s a burrito sticker.