27 Powerful Nail Designs for Any Comic Nerd

by More.com Editors

27 Powerful Nail Designs for Any Comic Nerd

Die-hard D.C. fans and Marvel maniacs agree, it doesn’t matter if you fight for justice like Wonder Woman or cause mayhem like Harley Quinn, you’re sure to find some inspiration for your favorite movie premiers or latest comic con appearance with these 27 nail designs.


Bright Comics



If you’re a comic fan, you’ll love this design from LuvMyLacquer. With bright colors like blue, red and yellow, this mani is sure to pop while you flip through your favorite pages.


Harley Quinn



With Suicide Squad right around the corner, we can’t help but get excited over NailPolishWars‘ Harley Quinn-inspired nails. The red and black colors and patterns definitely capture the essence our favorite daddy’s little girl.


The Joker



Speaking of Suicide Squad, we can’t forget to mention the Joker—I mean Jared Leto, c’mon! And you can support him too by using his signature colors of purple and green to create this fashion-forward mani from Sparkle and Fade Nail Designs that will have everyone asking, “Why so serious?”


The Bat Signal



Of course we can’t mention Harley or the Joker without Batman. And these nails from Not Another Nail Blog provide the perfect tribute to the Dark Knight. Although we can’t promise it will bring millionaire Bruce Wayne to your door, we can guarantee it will bring a smile to the Batman fandom.





Although you can’t don the sexy catsuit every day (we wish, right?), you can show your love with this badass black and white nail design from All The Nails. If you really want some claws, try a stiletto nail shape with this tutorial.


Gotham’s Characters



Of course, if you sing “Na-na-na-na-na-” more than the latest Beyonce track, you may not be able to choose a favorite character. Well, solve that problem with this The Nailasauras mani that incorporates all of your favorite Gotham characters.


Spider Man



Simply Rins‘ nail design won’t give you special spidey powers, but it does look awesome! We especially love the use of Peter Parker’s mask and his signature spider logo as statement nails.





If you prefer Spider Man’s nemesis, then you’ll love this Venom nail art from The Nailasauras. This look is seriously sinister with dark webs, an even creepier spider and of course, Venom’s evil grin staring back at anyone who dares get too close.


The Flash



We can’t deny it wouldn’t be nice to have super speed, but since we aren’t keen on getting struck by lightning, we’ll settle for this speedy nail design from ISArt, which uses red, white, and yellow to symbolize the Flash.


The Avengers



The Nailasauras might be the super hero of nail art because she created this striking Avengers manicure. With each characters’ symbols, she managed to turn a complicated group of super heroes into a stylish, professional nail design.


The Incredible Hulk



“Don’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry,” is what you’ll be saying while sporting this Nail Nerd nail art, which is sure to be a “smashing” hit with all your Bruce Banner-supporting friends.


Iron Man



Inspired by Robert Downey Jr.’s epic (and awesome) character, this mani from Sniffing Polish utilizes his signature colors of red and gold. A rhinestone represents Iron Man’s suit, proving super heroes can be stylish and powerful.


Captain America



This The Nailinator design incorporates a variety of elements from the “A” helmet, to the target-style shield. So if you’re a Captain America fan (and with Chris Evans, who isn’t these days?), you should test out this patriotic mani.


Black Widow



Channel Black Widow’s inner badass through this nail design from Chalkboard Nails. The statement nail incorporates her symbol, while the red stripes look spider-esque against a black glitter background.





Fairly Charming nailed this Thor look. By sponging blue polish on top of a black base and using a nail art brush to create the hammer and lightning, you’ll have a design worthy of the god of thunder himself.





He may be considered a villain, but his signature green and gold looks stylish—especially when paired with black, like in this mani from Onyx Nails, which utilizes horizontal and diagonal stripes to create pieces of Loki’s suit.





Who cares if the movie wasn’t the biggest hit, we still love Ant-Man. And this Mod Nails mani steals our hearts by incorporating symbols like Scott Lang’s mask, and using gradients to add the colors of Ant-Man and his arch foe, Yellowjacket.





If you want to show your love of X-men, but fear they’ll over power your hands, try painting the characters’ symbols on a black base like Onyx Nails did. It represents your favorites without looking cluttered. Win/win.





They may be called the X-men, but Lacquered Lawyer knows that doesn’t mean there aren’t some fierce women in this super hero club. And this mani is definitely worthy of these female rolemodels.





With its yellow colors and black triangles, there’s no doubt this Madness Nails mani represents one of the most famous X-men characters. Sure you won’t have claws like him, but you can definitely fake it with some silver polish.





Hello Magneto! With purple colors, chain-link patterns and–duh–the dude’s face, you can totally rock this manicure from La Paillette frondeuse that represents one of the most powerful characters in the X-Men franchise—regardless if you prefer him as good or bad.





She may be bad, but this nail art from Traces of Polish is anything but. By layering the different blues and adding a red line to represent her signature hair, there’s no denying your love for X-men’s hottest female villain while sporting this mani.





Everyone’s favorite anti-hero is brought to life with Preen Me‘s black and red gradients, stripes, and of course that circle logo. Warning: may cause the need to say inappropriate things.


Green Lantern



This Honey Munchkin mani’s sharp green triangles stand out against the black (like the super hero’s uniform), while the Green Lantern’s logo pops against a white background. It’s definitely a look that will have your comic friends green with envy.


Guardians of the Galaxy



Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, Groot and Drax–your favorite guardians all represented with this out-of-this-world mani from Flails and Nails. Give it try, who knows maybe Chris Pratt will like your Insta post of them. 😉


Wonder Woman



With the buzz about the upcoming film, we had to include this epic design from Honey Munchkin. With the patriotic colors and Wonder Woman’s logo, this mani is definitely worthy of any Amazon princess. Lasso of Truth not included.


Super Man



It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…super nail art! Don’t worry we wouldn’t forget to include Super Man with our comic-themed nail designs. And this Zuno Nails one beats out the rest with its It legendary “S” logo and stylish polka dots.