4th of July Nail Art

by admin

4th of July Nail Art

Dress up your digits in red, white, and blue this Independence Day! This patriotic nail art look is perfect for 4th of July festivities and is easy to pull off at home.

July is such a patriotic month and nothing says patriotism like the American flag! I love going around town and seeing all the cute decorated lawns and houses but one of the first things I make sure to decorate are my nails. Nail salons are buzzing with 4th of July nail designs and the nail technicians are making a killing off of it. So why not do your own nails and save some money? This makeup sponge technique creates a professional, airbrushed look.

All you need is:

  • Base Coat
  • White Polish
  • Blue Polish
  • Red Polish
  • Makeup Sponge
  • Thin Nail Art Brush or Small Artist's Brush
  • Top Coat

Don't let the apparent complexity of the nail design fool you! Anyone can create this cute design. Follow this simple video tutorial for more detailed instruction.