4th of July Nails: Stars and Stripes Nail Art

by admin

4th of July Nails: Stars and Stripes Nail Art

This 4th of July nail art design is perfectly patriotic! See how you can pull off this look using a few polishes, some striping tape and chunky glitter.

With Independence Day coming up this week, most of us will be taking some time out to celebrate and really get into the swing of things. I can never resist creating a themed manicure whenever a national holiday rolls around. If you’re the same, read on to see how I created this 4th of July nail art design!

Step 1: Use a white polish on all your nails except for your accent nail. Paint that one blue! Wait for these to dry completely before moving on to the next step. I normally use a fast drying top coat like Sally Hansen Dries Instantly to speed up the process.

Step 2: Apply striping tape to each nail going from your cuticle to the tip. This is made much easier with a pair of tweezers! Make sure you let the tape go past the tips of your nails so that you have something to grab on to when it comes to removing the tape.

Step 3: One nail at a time paint your red polish over the tape and remove the tape as soon as possible, while the red polish is still wet. Again, a good pair of tweezers is your best friend here!

Step 4: Once you’re finished with your stripes, add some glitter pieces to your accent nail for the stars! Finish off your design with a healthy dose of top coat for a glossed look and to make your nail art last longer. 

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