Amazing Matte and Chrome Nail Art Looks You Have to Try Right NOW

by Emily Gregor

Amazing Matte and Chrome Nail Art Looks You Have to Try Right NOW

These cool blends of smooth matte-finish polishes with slick chrome details have been catching our eyes lately and we had to share. Sexy and sophisticated, the matte/chrome look is a must-wear any time you want to steal the spotlight with a flick of your finger.


All That Glitters Is Chrome



This nail look blends both matte and gloss black polishes with bands of shiny chrome in a copper finish. Metallic nail tape helps makes the lines perfectly crisp and hides any waviness between the black bands.


Neon Brights



For the perfect summer look, pair a bright color like this aqua with a super shiny silver tip. If your favorite polish doesn’t come in matte, knock down the shine with a matte topcoat before applying your chrome details.


Back to Black



This rich, black base with gold tips is a classic matte-and-chrome pairing.


Reverse It



For a twist on the classic French mani, place the accent at the base of your nails, creating a silver half moon design against a flat black polish. Get our handy half-moon tutorial and tips here.


Pretty in Pastel



Pastels AND chrome? This gorgeous half moon design by Hannah Weir of the Nail Trail proves the combo works.


Talk Navy to Me



A dramatic look for a dramatic girl. Take the classic black matte up a notch with a stormy shade of navy. Top half of each nail with a shiny chrome polish and take on the town.


Galaxy Gradients



Take gradient nails to the next level by creating a bold half moon design with your metallic shade of choice. Master the ombre mani with this tutorial on five fabulous gradient nail styles.


It’s All Pink to Me



Rose gold is all the rage right now and what better way to jump on the trend than this pretty-in-pink mani that uses two shades of soft pink for the base (see the subtle half moon there?) and is capped off by super shiny rose gold tips.


Strong Neutrals



A classy, soft gray matte polish pairs perfectly with the chrome gold polish in this nail design. This look is perfect for the boardroom AND the bedroom.


Color Blocking Beauty



Take a classic stripe design and upgrade it with the addition of skinny contrasting chrome stripes between the shades. Nail striping tape creates the crisp lines.


Coming Up Roses



Add interest to a nude mani by tipping with a rose gold chrome polish. Classy and simple, you can wear this look anywhere.


Flirty Florals



Definitely not for the meek, this glamorous floral nail art takes the trend to a whole new level. A black matte base accented with bright petal and leaf patterns in metallic polishes; see the full tutorial here.


Sultry Goddess



These are definitely a contender for the sexiest nails we’ve ever seen. Chrome details in gold and silver, studs, and rich matte black polish make for a seriously hot look.