Ask The Expert: Negative Space Nail Art Will Be Your Go-To Spring Manicure

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Ask The Expert: Negative Space Nail Art Will Be Your Go-To Spring Manicure

We talked to celeb nail artist Debbie Leavitt about what nail trends will be ruling the runway and the red carpet this season—and it's all about the art of negative space. Even better, it's totally DIY.

If we wanted to talk nail trends with anyone, it would likely be the lady behind some of the hottest manis in Hollywood. Luckily, MORE got to chat with celebrity nail artist and Creative Designer in Residence for ethical nail studio MiniLuxe Debbie Leavitt, who's worked with the likes of Drew Barrymore, Mindy Kaling, and Sophia Vergara, to talk more about what we'll be seeing on the runway and red carpet in terms of nail trends—and just how easy they are to recreate.

"I've always felt like nails are another accessory," Leavitt tells MORE. "When you choose your lip or what shoe you're going to wear, the nail is that next accessory. Rather than doing something that's a big, bold statement, it can be something really subtle, but still so chic as far as nail art goes."


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The trend she sees popping up most? Negative space nails.

"The trend that I keep seeing more and more as it's catching on is the nail art of negative space," Leavitt tells MORE. "So rather than this really intricate design painted on a nail, the nail is either left nude with maybe a stripe or a chevron or an angle of a pop of color, or it's painted really soft and sheer, and then a pop of color is put at an angle, or a stripe or maybe just at the base of the nail."


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"I find it to be such a chic future for nail art because it's really something that I think anybody can do in one context or another. It doesn't have to be something intricate," Leavitt explains. "You can actually do something really simple and still have something kind of trending on your nail."

The trend, already spotted on many of the runways, is something simple for anyone to pull off because it's easy to recreate. It's a modern, "grown up" play on fashion and trending.

For starters, the color possibilities are endless. After what she's been eyeing on the red carpet since last fall, if you want to take some inspiration from your favorite celebs, go for something with a hint of shimmery metal.

"The red carpet is doing that same [negative space] concept, but maybe with a metallic. A lot of the muted rose golds, bronze, and pewters," Leavitt explains. "Those have been coming up since the fall of last year, but they're still going strong, especially when played against a nude or sheer nail. It just looks really modern and really chic.


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To add just a hint of glam to simpler nail trends like the negative space mani, Leavitt recommends popping a silver or gold stud at the base in the middle of the nail for that extra bit of glitz.


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And if you want to try something with a pop of color, pick out a bright blue or red and get creative with how you want to make it look.

"Just take a toothpick and dot it into an accent color, let's say it was red or even a blue, at the base of the nail," Leavitt says. "Also, without using a toothpick, just do a swipe of a contrast color across the tip of your nail at an angle, so it's almost like a careless swipe of color."

No matter how you choose to rock this negative space nail trend, we're sure it's going to be the easiest—and most fashion-forward—thing you can try all season.

Will you be giving the negative space mani a try this season?