Back-to-School Nails: We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

by admin

Back-to-School Nails: We’ve Got Spirit, Yes We Do!

If going back to school means football, tailgating and fun Friday nights, then you’ll love this nail design. An easy-to-paint megaphone will put your spirit right on your spirit fingers. Three cheers for back-to-school nails!

Back to School Nails

Back-to-school nails could mean a lot of things to a lot of people, but to me, they mean school spirit. And nobody has more school spirit than cheerleaders! Though I never was one, I still admire their pep, and I wanted to give them a "hip hip hooray" with these back-to-school nails.

The materials you'll need for this design are simple. Grab polishes in your school's colors and a small detailing brush. I'm a UC Santa Cruz alumna, and our colors are blue and gold. But this is an easy one to customize for high school, college or pro teams. Here's how to do it:

Back to School Nails Steps 1-2

1. After applying base coat, apply two coats of the lighter school color. (If your school colors are close, try using a white as your base, since almost everyone's logo has some white in it.)

2. Paint a small line in the bottom corner of your nail using your darker color.

Back to School Nails Steps 3-4

3. Paint a long V shape going out from the line.

4. Close the V shape, and fill it in.

Back to School Nails Steps 5-6

5. Add a small open rectangle toward the bottom at one side of the megaphone.

6. Don't forget to show your school spirit with small lines on the open end of the megaphone. It makes it look like the megaphone is making noise! Make sure to smooth out any imperfections with a great top coat.

I like to alternate the color of my nails and the megaphone to give a little extra interest. And because my alma mater's mascot is the oddly lovable banana slug, I paid a little tribute to him on my thumb. With lots of practice, you'll be able to do that, too, with your mascot. Just keep working at it.

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