Bandana Nail Art Is Proving This Paisley Accessory Is Totally Back In Style

by Hannah Marsh

Bandana Nail Art Is Proving This Paisley Accessory Is Totally Back In Style

We already knew bandanas were back in style fashion-wise, but apparently they’re totally fabulous on our nails, too!


Bandanas are definitely back in full force this season, but is a trend really a trend until it hits the world of nail art? We don’t think so.


But luckily, nail artists around the world are latching onto the paisley print, making it even easier to incorporate the look into our daily lives with bandana print nails. Our Instagram feed is full of the fun, rodeo-esque look, each manicure a little bit different than the one before it. Check out some of the ways people are rocking it!


Some give the illusion that the bandana is already tied (which is so adorable, if you ask us.)



Others are keeping the look confined to an accent nail or two.




And many people even choose to dive head first and go for an all-over bandana print manicure!





And don’t be afraid to add some jewels for a seriously glammed-up look.


But don’t worry about feeling like you have to keep the paisley print on your fingernails. Bandana print nails look just as fab as a pedicure, too!



Ready to get the look on your own? It might take a bit of patience, but it’s totally doable to DIY from home!


After applying your base color and letting it dry completely, you’re going to need a dotting tool, a polish pen, or a very thin polish brush to get the dotted, white paisley pattern. Once that dries, you can apply a similar pattern in a different color to the middle of your first print. Add a few final white accents and apply a top coat for a totally on-point manicure!