The Best of the Best in Negative Space Nail Art

by Emily Gregor

The Best of the Best in Negative Space Nail Art

Add a touch of style to your basic nail art by creating a negative space design. You can use any color and any pattern, which makes the possibilities endless. Get inspired by some of our favorites and get ready to slay your next #ManiMonday.





Create a work of art on your nails by transforming them into a beautiful colorblock design using a multitude of colors to craft the look. Just be sure to allow ample drying time between coats.


Pink + White



Sweet and subtle, this negative space nail design is perfect to take to the office or a summer party. Bonus points for being pretty easy to DIY.


Feline Fancy



Cats? On nails?! You’ve got to be kitten me. This negative space version is definitely one of our favorite feline mani ideas.


Pink Flash



Take your bold, pink mani to the next level by creating a unique adaptation like this negative space design. It’s fun, but also professional.


Pretty in Pastel



These gorgeous pastel nails make us want it to be spring again. Pick your favorite shades and go wild!


Back in Black



A minimalist nail design, this black squares are just bold enough to make a statement while keeping your nails clean and sharp. The best part is, it will go with practically everything.


A Touch of Pink



Another fun pink manicure design, this nail art uses negative space on the accent nails to create this playful palette. And yes, two accent nails is the new accent nail.


Studded Simplicity



Simplicity at its finest, thin black lines and gold studs create this sleek and chic mani. Edgy used to mean going overboard, but this look keeps minimal.


Feelin’ Blue



Update a basic striped manicure with the addition of negative space. Pick two shades of blue and leave the middle free to create this look.


Black + White



Geometry is here to stay in this black and white manicure. Use chevrons, stripes and zigzags to create this bold look.


Graphic Geometry



We’re obsessed with these chic spider-thin black lines in this nail art design. Not only is totally on-trend, but it only requires some tape and a little patience.


Put Your Heart in It



While you might need a little more skill to create these, the extra time and effort will totally be worth it. If you’re not a freehand kind of girl, heart-shaped stickers that fit your nail would make the process pretty easy.





Pay some homage to the stars by drawing your favorite constellations on your nails. Bonus points if you choose your zodiac sign.


Geometric Pastels



A fun, quirky nail design, this one reminds us of pop art or maybe the Flintstones? We can’t decide, we just know we love it.


Tribal Inspiration



Three colors are all you need to create this bold textured look. Well, that and a little bit of patience and dedication.


X’s and O’s



Give these sweet letters a rock-hard edge by adding some gold studs to make your nails look fierce af. Sweet and sassy, we like it.


Delicate Daisies



Cute and dainty, this negative space design is perfect for a warm summer’s day. It’s a great option for girls who love floral nail art but like to keep their manis simple.


Put Your Records On



If you don’t wear these nails to your next music festival, you’re doing summer all wrong. This look is sure to get tons of compliments.


Mosaic Madness



Have some fun with your next manicure by creating mini mosaic designs on each of your nails. Alternating where you leave the negative space is a great way to add chic detail.





Find two colors you love and update the classic chevron design with the addition of negative space for a simple look that wows. It’s definitely a fun, modern take on the classic French manicure.


Silver Elegance



For the minimalist who wants to make a statement, these skinny silver nails are the perfect pick for any occasion. Pair the look with lots of silver jewels for a super-modern look.