The Best Nails Subscription Box for the Nail Junkie in 2020

by Morgan DeBoest and Caroline Harris

The Best Nails Subscription Box for the Nail Junkie in 2020

Image Credits: ORLY Instagram

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Do you ever find yourself lingering in the nail polish aisle at Ulta only to walk away with a ho-hum color or nothing at all? Finding the cutest color that suits your personal style preferences can be tricky and tiring. Why not let someone else do that work for you – and deliver it to your door? We scoured the web for the best nail subscription services and decided that ORLY Color Pass takes the cake. This amazing nail box kit delivers adorable polishes and nail tools right to your front door every three months.


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The ORLY Color Pass collections are seasonal to give you options, lots of options. You can choose from two different subscription modes – quarterly ($36) and annually ($119). Each payment plan gets you six shades four times a year for a whopping total of twenty-four shades, plus free shipping. It’s a dream come true if you love trying different nail colors every other week and staying on top of the latest trends in the nail world.



Best of all, ORLY Color Pass gets you exclusive access to each ORLY collection before the general public. That’s right, you can tell all your friends you tried that cool new nail shade before it was famous. The nail box kit also offers exclusive discounts and bonus items – a total win considering ORLY’s gorgeous range of neon brights, pretty pastels, and metallic shimmers.


The testimonials pretty much speak for themselves, with enthusiastic reviewers writing that, “honestly, I probably sound like a broken record, but each seasonal collection from ORLY really blows my mind.” Another reviewer adds that, “It’s the day I look forward to every few months: ORLY Color Pass has arrived!”


After signing up for ORLY Color Pass, you probably won’t ever have to borrow your friend’s polishes again, thanks to the free-flowing stream of nail art that will be at your disposal. Treat yourself to fresh, on-trend colors to match every season and think of it this way – you’ll be saving so much money on salon visits.


Image Credits: ORLY

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