The Best Nail Polish Organizers for Consolidating Your Collection

by Caroline Harris

The Best Nail Polish Organizers for Consolidating Your Collection
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If you’re a queen of DIY manicures, you know the struggle of keeping all your nail polishes organized. Those little bottles can make a big mess, cluttering your makeup bag and covering your vanity. Instead of giving into the chaos, invest in a smart storage solution that will not just prevent you from losing your favorite shades but also add to the ambiance of your space.


The best nail polish organizers hold all your bottles without being an eyesore. Whether you want to conceal your nail polishes in a train case or proudly display your collection on a wall rack is totally up to you. There are even on-the-go nail polish organizers so you can take your prettiest polishes with you when you travel.


There’s no shame in the DIY manicure game. In fact, Taylor Swift spilled in her new Netflix documentary “Miss Americana” that she loves painting her own nails. That’s an impressive feat considering Swift often rocks colorful manicures in glittery hues. The singer has been working on her nail art for the past year and even paints her friends’ nails, too.



Since Swift has type-A tendencies, we wouldn’t be surprised if she owns several nail polish organizers. She needs lots of bottles to achieve those Lover-inspired manicures, after all.


While painting your own nails is in (according to Taylor, at least), having a messy space is never a good look. That’s why nail polish organizers are essential for anyone who owns more than a few bottles.


While you’re revamping your polish storage system, consolidate your entire collection by storing your nail clippers, nail files and other manicure essentials with your polishes. That way when it’s mani-pedi time, you’ll be nice and relaxed knowing everything you need is right at your fingertips. Below are the best nail polish organizers for every type of DIY manicurist.


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STORi Clear Plastic Multi-Level Nail Polish Organizer

This organizer is simple and straight to the point, holding up to 40 polishes without calling attention to itself. If you favor minimalism in your home decor, this product is a great option. Amazon shoppers say it “holds all nail polish bottle sizes” and “works really well.”

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Sorbus Wall Mounted Tree Silhouette Nail Polish Rack Holder

This gothic-style nail polish holder is such a vibe, looking like something Edgar Allan Poe would be all over. From the bird to tree detailing, this unique accessory is sure to stand out and keep you organized.

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HomeIT Nail Polish Organizer


Showcase your shades by mounting them to your wall. This rack nail polish holder has a romantic feel with curling details that look a little like hearts. Nail connoisseurs, rejoice because you can store 100 nail polishes on this organizer.

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Makartt Nail Polish Organizer

This pink nail polish organizer holds 48 nail polishes or other small trinkets like essential oils and lipsticks. There’s a sturdy handle so you can scoop up this organizer and bring it to a friend’s place. Incorporate DIY mani-pedis into your next girls’ night in.

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Beis The On the Go Essentials Case


Heading on vacation doesn’t mean you have to leave behind your prized nail polishes. Bring them wherever you go with this handy travel case. It’s compact so you’ll have to whittle down your collection to just the essentials, but the gorgeous design and mini airplanes are sure to make you smile.

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Gymax Nail Accessories Makeup Travel Box


This fun makeup box reminds us of a treasure chest — and what better bounty than a bunch of beautiful nail polishes? There are 35 compartments, meaning you’ll have ample space to stash your stuff. The lockable front clasps keep your nail collection away from prying hands.

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Sephora Collection Clear Makeup Organizer Set


This well-designed organizer set is perfect for displaying all your nail art. If you go wild when it comes to nail accessories, loading up on nail stickers, glitter and more, it makes sense to opt for an organizer with so many different storage compartments.

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Gospire 66 Bottles of 6 Tier Acrylic Nail Polish Rack Display

This organizer boasts a minimalist design that keeps all your polishes in order. You can group your paints by color or sort them randomly, and either way it’ll look lovely. Amazon shoppers say it’s a “great little stand” that has “a variety of uses.”

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Luxja Nail Polish Carrying Case

If you live in a teeny-tiny apartment, stashing your nail polishes under your bed may be the move. This nail supply organizer comes in a vibrant purple shade and contains many pockets for your nail polishes, nail art brushes and other possessions. Simply slide it under your bed when you’re not using it.

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Ikee Design Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case

Why stop at organizing your nail polish collection? This cosmetics organizer comes in three units for decluttering your makeup, skincare, nail art and more. Marie Kondo your life by tidying up all your beauty items with this top-rated product that has over 5,300 perfect reviews.

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Frenessa Makeup Train Case Nail Polish Organizer

If pink is your favorite color, grab the nail polish organizer that’s fit for a princess. There’s tons of storage space for your nail accessories and even your makeup. A built-in mirror lets you admire your freshly painted manicure.

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mDesign Plastic Makeup Storage Organizer Caddy Tote

For laidback cuties, this nail polish organizer will do the trick. There are two large compartments for piling in all your polishes. The built-in handle makes it easy to carry or whisk away from your roommate if necessary.

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Liantral Wooden Nail Polish Display Holder Organizer

This natural wood display organizer looks fit for a salon — or your bedroom. The holder supports up to 45 bottles, meaning you can create mismatched manicures to your heart’s content. There are three removable shelves for storing eucalyptus towels and flowers, if you’re feeling fancy.

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Grip and Tip Nail Polish Holder for DIY Nails

Sometimes when you’re painting your own nails, the bottle tips over and the paint spills everywhere, creating a gigantic mess. This novel invention grips your nail polish as you paint for a no-mess manicure. Also, you can grab several of these holders to create a savvy storage solution.

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Mokaro 360 Degree Rotating Makeup Organizer Display Case

Top your vanity with a makeup organizer that fits everything. The top and bottom sections can be for your nail polishes, then you can load up the middle with your perfumes and skincare products. It’s a fun way to flaunt your beauty collection while keeping all your goodies in place.