I’m Obsessed With Press-On Nails: These Are the 8 Best Ones

by Caroline Harris

I’m Obsessed With Press-On Nails: These Are the 8 Best Ones

Image Credits: Dashing Diva Instagram

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As a perfectionist, I want my nails to look flawless, but I’m also clumsy and uncoordinated, making DIYing the perfect manicure at home a tricky proposition. After years of spilling nail polish all over my fingers and immediately reaching for a bottle of nail polish remover, I had my world rocked by discovering press-on nails.


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If you don’t already know, press-on nails are artificial nails made of acrylic resin. They come in a bunch of different colors, sizes, and designs so you can get the same look as a $50 salon manicure, when in reality you spent under $10 at Ulta and never even left your couch. The big benefit is that they support your nail health by being much less damaging than acrylics or gel polish.


Press-on nails are also a low-stakes way to play around with bold nail looks. Want to try out glittery tips or flower decals for just one night? Grab some glue-on nails from brands like Dashing Diva and Kiss so you can experiment all you want. 


How to Apply Press-on Nails at Home


Check out this tutorial for clear instructions on how to apply the classic beauty product at home. The process is pretty straightforward: Use an alcohol prep pad to cleanse your fingernails, cut the press-ons to your nail size, then smooth the stickers firmly in place. Once you’re done, you can easily remove press-on nails by soaking your fingers in warm, soapy water, applying any of these cuticle oils, and peeling them off—or you could just dab on some nail polish remover, then slowly pull off the press-ons.


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Because press-on nails are so versatile and easy to apply, they’re actually frequently spotted on the hands of A-listers like Jennifer Lopez, Ariana Grande, and Blake Lively. After all, sometimes celebrities debut several outfit (and nail) changes in one night. Chrissy Teigen even took to Instagram to discuss how press-on nails “changed her life,” which is both relatable and inspiring. Below, discover the best press-on nails so you, too, can change your life—or at least have killer manicures 24/7.


1 of 8 Image Credits: Ulta

Dashing Diva Magic Press Blush Hour Press-On Gel Nails


Yes, I’m that girl who had a pink princess-themed bedroom growing up and wore a tutu on the regular. These "all dolled up" nails in nude, marble, and mauve are perfect for channeling those girly-girl vibes — with rhinestone accents, of course.

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Dashing Diva Magic Press Gold Standard Press-On Gel Nails


For a chic soirée, scoop up a pack of press-on nails in black and gold with rhinestone detailing. The pack contains 30 gel nails so you get three high-quality manicures for just $9. There’s also a mini file, alcohol prep pad, and wooden stick for easy application and removal.

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Kiss Full of Roses ImPRESS Press-On Manicure


For splashy summertime shades, you can’t beat this collection of turquoise, yellow, and pastel green hues. The accent nails come in a pack of 30 with a prep pad, wood stick, and mini file to apply the press-ons in just a few minutes.

4 of 8 Image Credits: Ulta

Kiss Desert Glow Impress Nails Rebecca Minkoff


Bring a tropical vacation right to you with these bright orange press-ons. The adhesive has max holding power, and the nails are both smudge- and chip-proof. They're a little extra, but perfect for when you feel like making a loud statement.

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CoolNail White Black Gradient Marble Press on False Nails


These long, press-on nails are marble-inspired for an eye-catching nail look. They're easy to apply, and they come in many additional colors like yellow, orange, black, and pink if marble isn't your style.

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KISS GoldFinger Luxury Lavishly Handcrafted 3D Nails


Halloween is a perfect occasion to try press-on nails for the first time, and where better to start than with this blood-red design? The vampy style is decorated with rhinestones, so it's ideal for taking your ghoulish costume to the next level.

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Kiss Products Salon Acrylic French Nail Kit


For lovers of French manicures, it doesn't get better than these press-on nails. They're flexible and chip-proof with a strong, durable feel and luxurious look.

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Kiss Products Tweetheart False Nail


Red nails are a classic — and these press-ons deliver superior shine with an easy application process that's almost certain to keep you coming back for more.