The Best Spring Nail Colors to Brighten Your Fingertips

by Jin Moon

The Best Spring Nail Colors to Brighten Your Fingertips
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Peel away the typical somber colors of fall and winter and opt for a vivid assortment of fresh hues for your spring nail color of choice. From white to pastel to holographic nail shades, the right polish color can not only pick up compliments, it can also brighten your current mood.


Statement nails are definitely trending ever since fashion forward celebs like Billie Eilish and Lizzo hit the Grammys red carpet nails first with amazing designs on their fingertips. Coordinate your nails as a splash of color with your #OOTD. Splatter a couple shades together for some inspiring nail art. Or grab a gel nail starter set, and see how easy it is to DIY gel (or even acrylic) nails at home


In addition to matching your outfit, also think about what colors best complement your skin tone. Lighter complexions do well with polish undertones of pink or blue — think peach, nude, red and pastels. Medium or olive skin tones work with a variety of shades, especially with blue or yellow undertones: bright colors, neons, pastels and metallics. Darker complexions pair best with shades that have yellow undertones, like gold, red and vivid but darker shades.


Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and experiment! Whatever you fancy, find your new signature spring nail colors below from brands like OPI, Essie, Deborah Lippmann and more. 



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OPI Mexico City Collection in Verde Nice to Meet You


This cool sea green color from OPI makes us feel like we’re lying by the pool waiting for our next cocktail. Shades of green are harder to pull off, but this nail polish works perfectly as a backdrop for a tropical-inspired nail design. It will also pop nicely against your suntanned skin tone.

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Best Overall

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Orchid-ing Aside


Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel nail polish does a bang up job mimicking the slick shine that we all love about a gel manicure at a fraction of the price. Make sure to pick up the Miracle Gel top coat to finish off the easy two-step gel-like mani. This lovely lavender is a soft pastel hue perfect for spring.

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Best Drugstore Brand

Orly in Neon Heat


It’s inevitable that you’ll see bright neon nail colors as a go-to statement in the spring. We’re obsessed with this intense neon pink nail polish color from Orly. The fluorescent glow is sure to turn up the heat with your spring fling. Be warned that this color is very bright, which is exactly what we want from a true neon colored nail polish.

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Best Neon

OPI in Gelato on My Mind


Pastels give us all the warm feels of spring, but this icy blue pastel will elevate your nails to cool AF status. Put on a couple coats and a top coat, and you’re good to go. And yes, gelato is always on our mind, so we feel like you can wear this across seasons.

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Best Pastel

Jinsoon in Kookie White


Jinsoon is a staple nail polish brand found on runways and celebs by Jin Soon Choi, one of the most influential nail artists in the game today. We adore the simplicity of this white nail polish color that is balanced by hints of gray and blue so it doesn’t just look like you have Wite-Out on your tips.

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Best White

Orly in Gossip Girl


Who doesn’t like a little bit of gossip? You’ll be the talk of the town (or water cooler) in this gorgeous, glittery gold nail polish from Orly. It also has a magical smudge-fixing technology that makes the formula flexible for a chip-free manicure. Glitter nail polishes are also more forgiving if you’re a bit messy with the application. Shake it up well to get all the sparkly specks evenly applied.

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Best Glitter

Deborah Lippmann Beyond The Sea Gel Lab Pro Set


Why buy one polish when you can get a whole set at a steal? This Deborah Lippmann set will have you swimming with options. Mix and match the six shimmery colors that range from a sheer teal that shimmers blue, green and violet to a sheer pearly shade with luminous violet, red and gold iridescence. Let your creativity flow with this limited-edition set.

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Best Set

Ella + Mila BonBon Collection in Pistache


Most beauty brands are adopting a cruelty-free, vegan philosophy for their formula ingredient lists. Ella + Mila has quickly become our top vegan nail polish brand — they’re even certified by PETA. This pistachio-inspired color has us nutty and yearning for lazy vacation days. We can almost feel the cool breeze from the ocean. Almost.

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Best Cruelty-Free Vegan Option

Inc.redible Cosmic Blur Set


TBH, we could wear iridescent colors every day and just pretend we’re a mermaid in a shimmery sea. This great set from Inc.redible gives you an opalescent sheen on your nails as well as a glowing highlight on your face. Bonus: The color is formulated to complement all skin tones. We love how mesmerizing it is when the glimmering shade catches the light, but make sure to put on at least two coats or else it will be a bit on the sheer side.

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Best Iridescent

Essie Expressie in Express to Impress


This mint green nail polish color from Essie Expressie makes us feel effervescent. The color has yellow undertones that lift the hue to a brighter tint. It’s part of Essie’s quick dry collection so you’ll spend less time painting your nails and more of your day living your best life. You don’t need a top or base coat — just two layers of polish will do you good. Each coat dries in about a minute. Then, you’re ready to go show them off.

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Best Mint Green

Sally Hansen Good. Kind. Pure. in Rose Petal


Finding a really great nail polish shade of pink can be tough. Some give off too much of a “Barbie Doll” vibe, and others wind up looking more salmon or coral. This Sally Hansen shade achieves a perfectly balanced hue — a gentle pink that’s not too overbearing and instead feels fresh and light. The polish is part of a collection with a plant-based formula as well as a plant-based brush for smoother application. Reviewers also say this polish dries faster than they expected.

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Best Pink

OPI Always Bare for You in Bare My Soul


In a more muted tone, pink can work really well as a neutral color for any skin tone. In just two coats, this OPI shade will blend seamlessly. Lighter skin tones will have a more natural effect with the polish, while darker skin tones will show off the subtle hue with a little more contrast. To get the polish extra shiny and to last longer, make sure to use a base coat like this one to start the mani and top coat like this one to finish.

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Best Neutral

ILNP in Heat Wave


Holographic nails are all the rage for spring 2020, and this purple shade from ILNP has us sweating. The chip-resistant, 100 percent vegan formula has purple, green and orange shimmers that magically morph in the light. You can control the holographic effect by how many coats you choose to apply. One coat is perfect if you’re using this nail color more as a top coat over a base color. Two to three coats will create a deeper holographic extravaganza on your nails that can stand alone.

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Best Holographic

Londontown Lakur in Opal


Sometimes too much sparkle can read tacky or gaudy, but this Londontown polish manages to give a sophisticated look. Combining a pale lavender base with gleams of blue shimmer, this nail polish has reviewers loving how long it lasts and the many compliments it brings in. The hidden gem here is Florium Complex, which is the brand’s proprietary formula of natural oils and botanicals to hydrate, strengthen and nourish nails.

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Best Sparkly Style

Essie Flying Solo Collection in Reach New Heights


This peachy nail color has us soaring with its gold inflections, reminding us of beautiful ocean sunrises. You’ll want to pair two layers of the polish with a base and top coat for longer, lasting results.

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Best Peach

Christian Louboutin Rouge Louboutin


Red is a shade that works for all seasons, so it’s good to have one superior red nail polish in your collection. The best red is an iconic red. What’s more iconic than a Christian Louboutin red sole? The designer actually cites red nail polish as his original inspiration for the sole color, so it’s all coming full circle with this polish. This luxurious shade looks good on all skin tones and has a rich finish. The highly pigmented color glides on smooth with a special triangle-bristle brush that is custom designed for fewer bubbles in application.

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Best Splurge

Nails Inc. Blame It On The Rainbow Nail Polish Duo


This limited-edition polish duo from Nails Inc. is a fun combo to play around with color and sparkle at the same time. One polish has a deluxe assortment of rainbow glitter in clear liquid, while the other bottle gives a deep lilac color. Use the purple shade as a base color under a glittery top coat, or let the glitter polish fly solo with just a couple coats for maximum sparkle. Chase the rainbow!

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Best Rainbow

Smith & Cult in Consequence of Fame


Smith & Cult struck gold with this polish that has us beaming like we won the metallic lottery. After a couple coats, your nails will feel expensive and serve as a great accessory to dressy occasions. The gold shade has shimmery yellow tones to catch the light in just the right way. Make sure to use a base and top coat for the glossiest finish.

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Best Gold

Smith & Cult in Palace in Wonderland


Metallics come in more colors than just silver and gold. We adore this playful fuchsia shade from Smith & Cult. It has tiny specks of sparkle that add shine and give your nails a galactic look. It’s a mesmerizing look that will get the compliments flowing and inspire a cheeky mood. Apply a couple coats and finish with a top coat for maximum brilliance.

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Best Color Metallic

Tom Ford in Toasted Sugar


This luminous color from Tom Ford gives us all the warm and tingly feels of spring and summer. With just enough sweetness from the peachy pink hue and an incredibly luxe look from the creamy, glossy polish, the high-quality designer nail polish gives us Paris Fashion Week runway vibes. The formula is also super flexible to help you achieve the smoothest finish. Now you just have to practice the perfect pose for your spring nail TikTok.

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Best Designer Brand

Zoya in Aster


Who doesn’t love a periwinkle twinkle in spring? This Zoya nail polish color has cool, muted tones with fuchsia flecks for a unique blend. It’s a 10-free formula, which means it is made without 10 toxic ingredients including formaldehyde, camphor, lead and more. That makes this polish a stellar match for health-conscious wearers who prefer a more naturally configured polish.

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Best Periwinkle

Givenchy Le Vernis in Fuchsia Irresistible


It’s true, we can’t resist a good fuchsia color. Givenchy made this delectable shade for a flirty spring nail look. It’s a confident hue that can inspire a bolder attitude while complementing any style of outfit. Get outrageous. Exude high energy. Basically, let your fingertips do the walking and the Givenchy “couture color” do the talking.

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Best Fuchsia

Butter London in Inky Six


Classic blue, a.k.a. Pantone’s color of 2020, is a popular trend in nail color, and you’ll find the shade is sold out almost everywhere. Not to worry, though, because we managed to find this glittery, dreamy Butter London polish that will command attention with the ultimate classic blue shade. The sparkles give the tint a brilliant twist on the color trend to set you apart from the pack.

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Best Classic Blue

Base Coat in Maddie


This stunning lavender shade from Base Coat can complement any skin tone. The purple hue has a pure, creamy finish that looks and lasts best with a base and top coat. It’s important to note that each bottle is a custom, hand-poured blend, so there are sometimes slight variations in the exact tint you’ll receive. Keep an open mind on the exact color, and you won’t be disappointed with the high-quality formula.

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Best Lavender

Ella + Mila Love Collection in Beach Resort Blue


This vibrant pastel blue nail color will have you floating in the clouds. It’s also a great color to use as a base for tropical nail art — perhaps some palm trees and sunsets by the beach? Or just wear the color alone and let the vivid hue represent your spring aesthetic. If you’ve never tried blue nail polish before, this is a great one to start with as it flatters all skin tones, from pale to tanned complexions.

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Best Light Blue

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Polish in Snap!


This Marc Jacobs nail color is unafraid to be bright and daring. Orange can be a tricky color to pull off and is typically better suited for paler or darker complexions more than medium or olive tones. The special formula contains patented bonding agents that make the polish look super glossy, and a “curve-hugging” brush ensures a smooth application. We also love that the designer was inspired to shape the bottle like a smile, which definitely seems in the spring spirit.

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Best Bright Orange

Ella + Mila BonBon Collection in Limoncello


Ella + Mila describes this sunny shade as a “limoncello in Rome,” and we couldn’t agree more. Yellow can be a tough spring nail color to wear, but sometimes it’s all about finding the right shade. This one works with all skin tones, looking fresh with lighter complexions while adding a pop of contrasting, bright color to darker skin.

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Best Bright Yellow

Essie Gorge-ous Geodes Nail Polish Collection in Of-Quartz


We love when nail polishes mimic the look of precious gemstones, and this Essie shade certainly achieves that with just a couple coats. This limited-edition polish is a holographic blend of colors that shines like a prism. You might get distracted while staring at the colors reflecting so beautifully in the light. No doubt, everyone will be asking you where you got such a cool, unique color. Don’t forget to apply a base coat to ensure a longer lasting finish.

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Best Metallic

Nails Inc. Unicorn Nail Polish Duo


This iridescent nail polish duo rules for creating a unicorn-like effect on your nails. One polish has a purple-blue sheen while the other has a more pigmented 3D purple-copper shimmer. Depending on the vibe you’re going for, you can use them together or alone to build a dreamy nail look. Reviewers say if you add more coats, the polish can last longer than a week.

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Best Shimmer

Nails Inc. Flock You Nail Polish Duo


Throwback to the ’80s with this Nails Inc. nail polish duo featuring a sheer, shimmery pink color with golden tones and a full-coverage, highly pigmented neon pink. We definitely suggest using the neon pink as a base and the shimmery polish as a top coat to create trendy spring nails that look retro in a modern way.

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Best Duo

Sensationail Gel Polish Starter Kit in Pink Chiffon


Don’t be afraid to start DIYing gel manicures at home to save some money, honey. This Sensationail Gel Polish Starter Kit is the perfect way to ease into this practice. It comes with everything you need to get it going: how-to instructions, a gel cleanser, primer, base coat, top coat, LED lamp, gel nail polish in Pink Chiffon and more. You’ll be a pro in no time with nail color that lasts a couple weeks.

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Best Gel

Nails Inc. Nailkale Superfood Base Coat


Guess what? Kale is more than just a popular healthy side dish to eat. It’s also a wonderful nourishing agent in this Nails Inc. Superfood Base Coat. It has amazing antioxidant effects with the infused kale extract, while a keratin hardening element encourages nail growth and strength. It’s my favorite base coat ever, and the formula never seems to expire, which is always a plus with nail products.

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Best Base Coat

Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Top Coat


Having a quality, reliable top coat makes a huge difference on how long your nail polish will last. This Sally Hansen top coat was made as the second step to the brand’s two-step gel hybrid collection, but you can use it with any brand of regular polish. Not only does it add a high gloss, the polish will last longer with less chipping. No UV light necessary, and it comes off with regular polish remover. It’s my absolute go-to for when I DIY nails at home.