Black And White Nail Designs We Love

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Black And White Nail Designs We Love

Black-and-white nail designs are the best way to rock graphic looks without compromising a week's worth of outfits. Pretty patterns in neutral colors look good on every skin tone and with any clothing combination. Look through this roundup of the best black-and-white art from our favorite nail bloggers!


Black-and-White Galaxy Print



This is one of the more difficult black-and-white nail designs to master, but it’s a lust-worthy look that’s bound to earn you a ton of compliments. If you’re feeling ambitious, follow the directions from Will Paint Nails for Food.


Black-and-White Mixed Prints



Black-and-white is such a beautiful combo it’s practically impossible to pick only one print to rock. Get inspired by this mix-and-match nail art from Pshiiit if you love mixing pretty patterns.


Black-and-White Geometric Pattern



Use striping tape to copy this black-and-white nail art from Manicurity. The geometric pattern looks especially striking when worn as an accent to a timeless black manicure.


Black-and-White Smoke Design



This creepy yet cool smoke nail design is the perfect black-and-white nail art for girls who like a bit of edge. Black and white nail polishes, a nail art brush, and acetone-based remover are all you’ll need to make this surprisingly simple look from Chalkboard Nails.


Black-and-White Pinstripes



These black-and-white pinstripe nails by The Nailasaurus are almost too easy to re-create. Not to mention they’re classic, clean, and match any outfit for any season—there’s no reason not to rock these! Click here to get the full tutorial.


Black-and-White Abstract Lines



Copy this look from Polish Sickness by using tape to make thin lines on plain white nails, and use black polish create a simple stripe on each nail. Alternate between horizontal and vertical, and change up where you place stripes to create this modern effect.


Black-and-White Art Deco Print



If you’ve got a steady hand or the patience to work with a few pieces of nail tape, this stylish black-and-white art deco nail design is worth trying. The Wondrously Polished manicure is eye-catching but subtle enough to be worn for almost any occasion.


Black-and-White Graph Print



This black-and-white graph-print nail art from SoNailicious is inspired by Marni designs. We love how sophisticated and simple this geometric pattern looks—not to mention, it’s easy enough for any at-home nail artists to pull off!


Black-and-White Yin Yang Design



If you miss the ’90s (and who doesn’t?) this yin-and-yang manicure should take you right back to a time when plaid and peace signs ruled your wardrobe. Re-create One Nail to Rule Them All‘s design with black and white polishes, a nail art brush, and a dotting tool.


Black-and-White Daises



This groovy graphic daisy print from The Crumpet makes us feel a little free-spirited and a lot nostalgic. We love black-and-white nail designs, and this one requires only the two shades of polish and a dotting tool!


Black-and-White Plaid



Black-and-white nail designs are timeless, so it’s only fitting that they’re used for a classic, preppy print like plaid. Use tape to get Sassy Shelly‘s super-even lines, and add a fun French tip to lend dimension and length to your nail art.


Black-and-White Textured Ombre



Ombre nail art and textured polishes are everywhere right now, so why not double up? Keeping a black-and-white color scheme prevents you from going into nail-art overload. Manicurator used OPI's liquid sand to make this beautifully bumpy mani.


Black-and-White Floral



Floral is one of our manicure faves, and this black-and-white nail design from Fierce Makeup and Nails is no exception. A white base coat and a black nail art pen are all you need, as long as you’ve got some time and a steady hand.


Black-and-White Angled Lines



These white graphic tips make the perfect accent for bold black nails. This look from The Lacquerologist is pretty simple to re-create: Round up a black base coat, white polish, and a thin nail art brush to copy this angled nail art.