Blushing Nails Are The Adorable Trend We Can’t Wait To Try

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Blushing Nails Are The Adorable Trend We Can’t Wait To Try

Get ready to bring those excited feelings from your cheeks to your nails with the latest in summer nail trends!

You know that giddy feeling you have when you're acknowledged for a really cool accomplishment or those butterflies that come along with the excitement of being in love (we're looking at you, blushing brides!)?

While these feels are always so fun, they often times come with a flush of color on your cheeks that give away how truly excited you are. And while it's totally adorable, the rosy cheeks normally only last for a minute or two before disappearing. But nail artists and salons are bringing those giddy feelings to your fingernails, and we can promise they'll last for much longer!



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But while the color in our cheeks is au natural, the rosiness in our nails is (obviously) not! The trick, however, is making them look like they are, and you don't have to go to a salon to do it.


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To start, swipe on a clear bottom coat. Once that dries apply a netural basecoat (many nail artists choose to go with a white or beige). To get the "blushing" look, dip a cotton stick into a pale pink color and oh-so-lightly dab it onto the center of your nails while fading it slightly outward, creating a natural transition. Depending on how dark you want the central color to be, you can apply another coat after the first layer dries completely. Finish it off with a topcoat for maximum durability!

Check out some of the Instagrammers' best takes on the look for inspiration, and don't forget to take notes!


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