Breaking Down Jamberry vs. Minx vs. Incoco To Find The Best Nail Products

by Bethany Lozier

Breaking Down Jamberry vs. Minx vs. Incoco To Find The Best Nail Products

From nail wraps, appliqués and classic polish, there are so many fun ways to dress up your nails if you know exactly what you want.

We know we’re not reaching for the stars here when we say absolutely nothing beats the feeling of a fresh manicure. But when it comes to dressing up your nails, you’re not only limited to polish!

Nail wraps, designs, appliques, and special formulas from brands such as Jamberry, Incoco, Minx, and classic nail polish staples with innovative formulas give you limitless options when it comes to updating your mani. Though the number of variations can seem intimidating, we’re here to help you compare and contrast the big names so your nails will always look the way you want.

NAME: Minx

PRICE: $15.99 for a pack of 22, for two to three applications

WHAT THEY ARE:  Minx nail decals and appliques come in a variety of designs, from edgy fashion trends to funky patterns. Minx nails require heat for application, and you can decide how long you want your designs to last based on your heat application. If you want a more precise application, you should go to a Minx-carrying nail salon, but you can apply them from home as well.

PROS: The eye-catching Mix designs are certainly lust worthy enough to make a trip to your local salon. Beauty blogger Afrobella says they give instant fashion gratification, sure to please all manicure mavericks.

CONS: With proper application, Minx nails only last for up to two weeks, and Afrobella reported her nails started to lift after five days. You will need a heat source for Minx removal, and you will have to properly care for your nails and cuticles after the designs are removed. Coconut oil works well to remove Minx nails.



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NAME: Jamberry

PRICE: $15-$18

WHAT THEY ARE: Jamberry nail wraps and lacquers provide a safer alternative to traditional nail polish. Jamberry offers over 300 different nail wrap designs, including Disney- and Marvel-themed packs. Nail wraps can last up to two weeks on fingernails and four weeks on toes with the brand’s at-home application kit. Heat must be used for proper application.

PROS: Jamberry nails are made of vinyl and non-toxic materials and can be bought from a Jamberry representative or through their website. Jamberry’s nail wraps are wider and thicker than Minx’s to help everyone make a clean application. Lillian Sediles, a Jamberry consultant, especially likes how easy the application process is.

CONS: One pack of Jamberry nail wraps will only last for up to two weeks on your nails with proper application, and precision is required for each wrap to look properly placed. Nail blog Nerdy for Nails notes it’s easy to get large gaps from Jamberry wraps if you’re not careful. If the wraps are particularly stubborn or difficult to remove, you’ll have to soak them in nail polish remover and care for your nails after removal. Like Minx, coconut oil works well to speed up the removal process.



NAME: Incoco

PRICE: $4.99-$8.99 depending on applique type

WHAT THEY ARE: Incoco nail polish appliques are made of real nail polish but without the hassle of traditional polish. Unlike nail stickers, Incoco nail appliques easily stick onto nails without heat. Incoco nail appliques are made of highly concentrated polish, so they’ll last for up to two weeks and are available in several colors and finishes.

PROS: Nail blogger Scrangie notes how long lasting Incoco nail appliques are compared to traditional nail polishes. They chip minimally, there’s no drying time and you don’t need a base coat or top coat. Plus, these appliques won’t stain your nails even after days of wear.

CONS: Nail appliques take time and patience to master, so you may not get the perfect manicure on the first try. Be prepared to use nail files and scissors to make sure the appliques fit your nails. Nail blogger Scrangie had particular difficult mastering Incoco’s nail appliques, but after a few attempts her technique improved.




NAME: Traditional polish, like OPI

PRICE: $10-$13.95 for one polish, depending on formula

WHAT THEY ARE: OPI features nearly every color on the spectrum with a variety of finishes, textures, and high quality, salon level formula options. From classic polish to gel, matte and sparkles, there’s literally a polish for every person. Did we mention OPI is particularly known for their very punny polish names?

PROS: OPI and traditional polishes have stood the test of time for several reasons, one being the vast variety of colors and shades available. Nerdy for Nails also loves how easy it is to remove traditional polish as opposed to wraps and appliques.

CONS: OPI sells so many different polishes, it’s incredibly hard to keep up. If you have a favorite color or formula, it’s best to stock up while you can before it becomes impossible to find. Plus, you can find cheaper nail polishes in almost every drugstore. And, as with every polish, they don’t last nearly as long as appliques or newer trends like gel polish, and you have to touch up with every little chip.



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Nailed it! Which nail designs and brands are you going to try?