Butterflies and Sunsets: Gradient Nail Art for Any Event

by admin

Butterflies and Sunsets: Gradient Nail Art for Any Event

The late summer is all about sunsets and butterflies, and this gradient nail art brings both of them together. Celebrate Labor Day with a truly summery nail look; this one is perfect for any evening barbecue.

Butterflies & Sunsets

Summer has really flown by, but there is still time for a little warm gradient nail art. With three colors straight from a summer sunset and a few white butterflies, this nail look has the extra flair you need to impress your friends and families. To get started, you'll need white, yellow, orange, and red polishes; a makeup sponge; acetone; cotton-tipped swabs; a small detail brush; and a topcoat to get started.

Butterflies & Sunsets: Steps 1-2

1. Start with a white base coat. I used Barry M's Cotton.

2. Paint three colors—yellow, orange, and red—in a line on a piece of paper. Dab a makeup sponge into the paint, making sure you have all three colors on the sponge. Then dab the sponge onto your nails. It's okay if you get paint on your fingers—we'll clean up next.

Butterflies & Sunsets: Steps 3-4

3. Using acetone and swabs, clean up around your nail.

4. Using white polish and a small detail brush, draw the butterflies on your nail. Be sure to leave a gap in the center of each for the body.

Butterflies & Sunsets: Step 5

5. Add topcoat to seal in your design. If you wish, add a matte topcoat to really make your design pop.

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