Can Acrylic Nails Harm Your Natural Nails?

by Aprill Coleman

Can Acrylic Nails Harm Your Natural Nails?

You’ve made the decision that you want acrylic nails, but there’s just one more question you have—can they harm your natural nails? Whether you want to wear them long term, or to a special event, it is important to know whether or not acrylic nails have the potential to damage your natural nail. Keep reading to find out, the answer may surprise you.


According to EzFlow Global Brand Ambassador Allie Baker, acrylic nails are no more damaging than any other artificial nail enhancement service if done properly and with care by a certified and well trained professional. “The acrylic itself is not what is harmful; harm or damage is caused by improper use, application, care, or removal which is why education is key,” says Baker.


Your natural nail grows under acrylics, so they need regular maintenance to keep nails healthy. It is important to get regular refills, have damaged nails repaired, and keep the nails clean and dry. The removal process is just as important as the application process. Acrylic nails should be properly soaked in acetone and gently pushed off with an orangewood stick or cuticle pusher.


It is also important to hire a qualified, professional nail technician to apply and maintain your acrylics properly. Visit a salon that displays a current state license, and work with technicians that are licensed through the state board. Check to ensure that your tech washes her hands between customers, and properly sterilizes all tools. According to Baker, if you have found a good nail technician, “you should also always listen to recommendations from your nail technician on shape and length as these are important things to consider depending on length, shape, and condition of the natural nail acrylic is being applied to.”


With these tips in mind, you should be able to have acrylic nails applied keeping in mind that damage can be minimized by proper care from the right nail technician.