Chocolate Nail Art Is The Yummiest New Valentine’s Day Trend

by admin

Chocolate Nail Art Is The Yummiest New Valentine’s Day Trend

The only thing we might love more than chocolate on Valentine's Day? An uber cool manicure. Combine the two in the most delectable way possible with the chocolate nail art trend that's winning the Insta game. No worries—drooling is allowed.


Chocolate for the Romantic



Sticking with the typical Valentine’s Day pastel pinks and baby blues, achanail‘s nails are dipped and drizzled in the most beautifully detailed (and romantic) way possible.


Matte and Melted



aoi_sola‘s design makes us happier than opening a box of truffles on the holiday of love. The matte detailing is the finishing touch on the already delectable design.


Chocolate Dipped and Drizzled



nailcarry_shibuya‘s nail design is a work of art. The “melted” chocolate and intricate teddy bear design actually look good enough to eat.


Sweet as a Teddy Bear



Try looking at ris_room311‘s design and not drooling. From the candy heart-inspired “Hug Me” to the decadent little teddies, these nails have us melting.


The Sugary Sweet Neutral



White chocolate? Milk chocolate? Don’t make us pick. Well, aurora.nail‘s design combines both in a muted—yet ornately detailed—way.


“Berry” in Love



Want to add a detailed splash of color? Take some inspo with this design and add some decadent “flavor” with fruity designs, like 0906rumi does.


The Variety Pack



From dotted to marble, nelumbo_nucifera0211‘s designs are all intricately unbelievable. It’s kind of like opening a box of assorted truffles—but so much better.


Bright and Beautiful



Who’s to say that sticking to a more neutral palette has to be boring? Spice up your chocolate hues by adding some dazzling pink, like himepon0928 —nothing screams Valentine’s Day like bright pink and dark chocolate.


Melted Milk Chocolate



Not a massive fan of the over-the-top chocolatey browns and bright pinks? No problem. Stick to a neutral "milk chocolate" shade and some intricate pattern detailing like whattanail. Still delicious—just taken down a notch.


Trendy Truffles



nail_mafraise_maki‘s nails are truly a treat. Decked out with life-like truffles and a sweater-like “knitted” design, it combines everything we’d ever want or need on our dream Valentine’s Day: chocolate and cozying up with our favorite rom com.


Finished with Love



Drizzled in details and finished with love, nijuyyy‘s nails are a cute—and not too cheesy—way to share some Valentine’s Day love without having to say a peep.


Soaked in Lovely Details



Where to start? ngutekbareng hits every detail, showing some Valentine’s Day spirit with the shimmery hearts and chocolate-inspo galore.


Marvelous M&M Mani



Taking candy-inspo to the extreme, nailcooker brings our favorite sugary sweet treat to life with her 3D M&Ms that look totally edible.


Make it Metallic



As shimmery as a brand new candy wrapper, moemoemina‘s metallic addition to the chocolatey trend is everything we could ever want. *insert heart eye emoji here*


Chocolate Dipped Tips



It’s all about the finishing touches, and ayaka.m123 proves this with her melted chocolate-inspired tips that were seemingly meant for the holiday of love.