Confetti Nails Are The Funnest Mani Trend Ever

by Jessica Banks

Confetti Nails Are The Funnest Mani Trend Ever

Nail gurus, rejoice! There’s another nail trend to try, and it’s gorgeous. Confetti nails can be as simple or complex as you want and are super versatile, so you can match them with any and every look in your closet.


Fireside Fun



This pretty polish is perfect for when the nights are cold and the fire is warm. The confetti is a mix of our favorite fall colors, reminiscent of the changing leaves and a cozy bonfire.


Gorgeous Glow



Shine on the inside AND the outside with this shimmery gold gradient over bright pink polish.


Golden Glamour



All that glitters isn’t gold, but this polish sure is! The golden confetti adds more dimension to your nails than glitter polish ever could, so you’re bound to get extra looks when you unveil this stunning style.


Sweet and Spikey



We love how the confetti on this manicure adds some punch to the light pink polish below it, and how the spiked tips show pretty pink confetti nails can be totally badass, too.


Pretty in Purple



This purple pattern is eye-catching on its own, but we love how the confetti polish spices it up by bringing different colors into the manicure.


The Accent Nail of All Accent Nails



All these nail designs are beautiful in their own right, but the confetti polish definitely stands out, and even helps bring the other patterns together with its color combination.


Knock Out Neutral



Soft browns, nude shades and other neutral polish colors are seriously in right now, and we love how this confetti design adds a subtle pop of color that you can get away with at the office or when you’re out for a girl’s night.


Classy Confetti Christmas



It can be hard to nail a festive holiday manicure around Christmas, especially once you’ve outgrown the alternating green and red pattern. This confetti design keeps your manicure looking classy and festive with just enough red, green and gold to get your point across.


Lilac Disco



We love how fun this accent nail look is. While the rest of the fingers take on just a subtle, sophisticated stripe, the pointer finger has a disco party all it’s own.


Classic Confetti



Try this look on for size if you’re going for the classic confetti look, or if you just want your nails to look vaguely like the jawbreakers you liked so much as a kid.


Mermaid Tail Marvels



These gorgeous acrylics give even the brightest fish in the sea a run for their money thanks to the dimension and color the confetti polish adds!


Champagne Elegance



These nails are so elegant, we’re pretty sure anyone who tries this style out is required to carry around a glass of expensive champagne for the rest of the night.


Shimmering Sunshine



Who needs a pocketful of sunshine when you can rock these instead?


Glitter Gradient



Ombre gradients look pretty cool when it comes to hair, but we like the technique even better when it involves glitter, confetti, and nail polish.


Galactic Glam



Your nails can join the ‘out of this world’ club along with those galaxy leggings you bought a few years back.