Easy Halloween Nail Designs for Beginners

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Easy Halloween Nail Designs for Beginners

Halloween is one of the best times of the year to experiment with hair, makeup, and style choices you wouldn't usually make. Likewise for nail art. These Halloween nails are fun, easy to re-create, and a bit morbid—the perfect combination for topping off your costume or just stepping out of your Halloween nail art shell. Take a look at these simple but creepy nail designs from some of our favorite bloggers.


Ghost Halloween Nail Art


ghost halloween nails


How convenient that our nails are easily filed into the shape of ghosts. Working with the natural shape of your nails is a much simpler way to approach nail art. The Manicurator makes the most of this by painting an all-white polish base and using black nail polish and a small dotting tool to create different-shaped ghouly eyes and mouths on each nail.


Claw Halloween Nails


long pointy nails for halloween


If you're into the long pointy nails aesthetic but don't want to file your nails away or go through the trouble of applying fake nails, try this simple nail hack from Honeymunchkin. First paint your nails in a shade as close as possible to your natural skin tone; then tape off the ends in a diagonal point to create a claw shape. Paint in the open area in a dark shade, gently remove the tape, and voila—you have claws! An optical illusion Halloween nail art idea that will definitely turn heads.


Jack O’ Lantern Nails


jack o lantern halloween nails


To get this cute-not-creepy Halloween nails look, you'll need orange and black nail polish, and a small nail art brush. We're obsessed with these nail art pens in harvest colors if you're worried about your shakey hands. Ishah x Beauty said she didn't worry about perfect lines with this look; because you're emulating a carved pumpkin look, the more jagged the edges, the more authentic the Halloween vibe!


Creepy Crime Scene Nails


Creepy nail designs with bloody fingerprint marks


These bloody fingerprint nails make the perfect easy Halloween nail art. To copy this chilling look from The Daily Nail, simply apply white polish as a base coat before dipping one of your fingers in red polish to create the fingerprint outline. Blot the red polish on tissue paper a few times to get rid of excess color and prevent clumping before stamping your nails.


Bat Bones Halloween Nails


bat wings halloween nails with purple and black polish


This Halloween nail art from The Lacquerologist is inspired by your favorite creepy flying mammal, the bat, and it's incredibly easy to re-create. Paint your nails a deep purple nail polish; then use black polish and a thin nail art brush, or a fine-tipped black nail art pen, to copy the lines that make up the bat's bone structure, spanning the design from your index to your pinky finger.


Spooky-Eye Halloween Nails


halloween nails with spooky eyes


MissJJan's spooky-eye nail art may look difficult, but you'll really need only a few shades of polish and two nail-dotting tools in different sizes. Use the dotting tools to create the eyes and to round off the edges on the ghost-shaped Halloween nail art. Add a metallic accent nail to keep this Halloween nail art a little bit glam.


Gravestone Nails


gray gravestone halloween nails


These gravestone nails from Blanket Print are creepy-cool and ridiculously easy Halloween nails to re-create. Paint all your nails a shade of gray polish, and use a simple nail-art brush with green and black polishes to paint blades of grass and spell out "RIP."


Spiderweb Nails


halloween nails with black polish and white spiderwebs


A spiderweb nail design may look intricate, but it's actually a fairly easy Halloween nail art to master. Paint your nails with black polish; then use a small nail art brush and white polish to paint intersecting lines in the shape of an asterisk across the width of each nail. (Not feeling up to the challenge? Try a white nail art pen.) Connect each crossed line with two smaller, curved lines to achieve That Leanne's webbed look. If you're new to nail art or have trouble keeping a steady line with your non-dominant hand, feel free to rock the web with just one accent nail!


Frankenstein Nails


frankenstein halloween nails with neon polish and black lines


Use lime green polish and a black nail art pen or a small nail art brush to create this classic Halloween nail art. Paint one line across each nail and two smaller lines off the first line to achieve One Nail to Rule Them All's whimsical Frankenstein theme. Paint several smaller lines over your first three lines for a stitched effect. Don't worry about keeping things perfectly straight—these Halloween nails look more authentic with curved and uneven lines.


Skull Halloween Nails


skull nail art for halloween


Swatch and Learn's skull nail art is perfect for Halloween. It's a fairly simple design, but it may require a bit of time and a steady hand. You'll need a dotting tool, black nail polish, and white nail polish to make the skulls. Start with a white base; then use the dotting tool to mimic the shape of eye and nose cavities before dragging the dotting tool straight down for teeth.


Black-Widow Halloween Nails


halloween nails in black and red


This black-widow design from Chalkboard Nails looks like it takes a pro, but all you really need is a couple of polishes, striping tape, and some drying time. Paint your nails a glossy red; then, when your base has dried, apply nail striping tape in random, crossed stripes. Paint over the nails with a textured black polish, and then remove the tape to reveal the pattern. For the hourglass-shape black-widow accent nail, simply cut and apply the striping tape in the hour-glass shape and carefully paint around the tape.


Candy Corn Nails


candy corn halloween nails


Candy corn is one of the best parts of October and fall in general, so you can let this sweet Halloween nail art carry you past the 31st and into the first weeks of November. It's also probably the easiest Halloween nail design to do: Just start with a yellow nail polish coat on the whole nail; then use a French tip guide or striping tape to paint the top two-thirds of your nail with orange polish. Once the orange layer is dry, repeat with white on the upper third. Shades of Magick recommends using a matte top coat for a more authentic candy corn look!


Blood Drip Halloween Nails


halloween nails with bloody drips


This bloody nail art by The Nailasaurus is a scary but chic design to celebrate Halloween. To re-create this, you'll need dark red polish, a nude base polish, a dotting tool, and a small nail art brush. Click here to see the full tutorial.